10 Best Apps To Hide Apps On Android from inquisitive eyes

We do a lot of open things on our cellphones, such as playing games, watching movies, taking photographs, and so on. But there are occasions when we require our privacy from curious individuals, youngsters, or any other third party who has no business accessing anything on our Android smartphone. These sensitive items that require protection from public scrutiny are almost certainly applications, as they are the most popular thing on cellphones these days. Here is our list of the 10 Best Apps To Hide Apps On Android.

(How To Hide Android Apps) to keep them safe from inquisitive eyes:

Hide It Pro

hide it pro

This program is also known as the Audio Manager app. As long as it is downloaded and installed on your device, it makes concealing programs quite simple. All you have to do while the installation is going on is configure the security it will give. As security, you will be able to utilize a PIN or password. Hiding files and data becomes trivial, even if root access is required. Before using root access, be sure you understand what it is. It secures secret stuff and may hide your photographs, movies, and so on.

App Hider

app hider

This is one of the greatest applications on Google Play for concealing other apps; it works really well with WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger. It is a lovely app cloner that allows you to access many accounts from a single device. It also conceals photographs and videos, as well as App Hider, by converting into a Calculator. Simply import the program you wish to secure into App Hider and then delete it from your Home system. Our App Hider feature allows you to disable the hidden app notification.

Hide App Application

hide app application

This software allows you to conceal the app icon on your phone. The app is free to download from the Google Play Store. To hide applications, you must have root access because it will not work on non-rooted handsets. You will be told whether your phone has access roots after downloading it.

Hide App Application features a basic user interface and is easy to use. You will be given a PIN lock to secure the safety of your material. It also supports Auto Backup and Restore, which is useful for reinstalling a program that was mistakenly removed. With the re-installation of the app on the phone, it will automatically backup and restore all hidden apps.

DU Privacy Vault App

DU Privacy Vault App

This program is designed to hide applications on Android phones. It has various capabilities that allow you to protect even the smallest document. You may use the app to lock or conceal your individual apps from others. It also allows you to conceal photo files, video files, and many other types of data. You may lock it all down with a password for more protection. You may also alter the password. In order to establish your password, you can utilize the Pattern Lock or Passcode Lock. Your phone calls may also be disguised. When an unfamiliar individual attempts to login, its Break-in Alert function will come in handy. The person’s picture is also taken.

App Icon Hider Application

App Icon Hider Application

This software conceals applications from your mobile device’s menu. It’s free and available on the Google Play Store. It may assist you in concealing any app in the globe from anybody you are concealing it from. To make this happen, your Android OS must be 4.0 or later. The App Icon Hider Application protects your apps without taking up any space on your phone. It features a straightforward user interface. A password is used to protect all hidden apps. You can also replace the old password with a new one. Apps may be hidden or unhidden simply by clicking on them.

Hide Apps

hide apps

This software allows you to remove apps from the list of recently opened apps. It does not require root access to operate on Android and works flawlessly without it. You may also alter the font color, text background color, and icon background color using this app.

There is a simple sharing option for sharing the software with others via Social Networking Sites and other sources.

Parallel Space

Parallel Space

Simply provide it permission, pick the app you want to conceal, and tap on Add To Parallel Space. When you return to the Home Page, select the app again, grant it the necessary rights to let the app to function from its workspace, and sign up for an account in the app. Simply log in if you already have one. Now remove the app from the main menu. And it will be operational.

Calculator Vault

Calculator Vault

Simply install it, and it will function as a bus stop for potential invaders who are unable to produce the needed PIN. You will input the PIN and add the app you want hidden on the home page. Expect the term “Dual” to be added to its icon, indicating that there are now two copies of the app on your phone.

Now remove the app from the device’s main menu. When you return to Calculator Vault’s site, the term “Dual” will no longer be there; instead, you will notice “Hidden”.

C Launcher

C Launcher

This is one of the greatest launchers for hiding applications. I mean, 4.5 stars out of 5 on the Play Store pretty much says it all. Simply download and install this launcher from the Google Play store. After that, utilize the gesture (Zoom In) to open the hide application window, where you may add several apps to conceal from others. This program has a significant benefit in that it does not clone any apps for you and does not force you to uninstall the original apps.

Ace Launcher

This is a great launcher that allows you to conceal your apps. To begin, download and start the app from the Google Play store. Then, on the home screen, do a swipe up action with a couple of fingers to reveal the hidden regions where your unknown apps can be accommodated. Other options include enabling the pattern lock function, extreme privacy mode, and so on.

That concludes our list of the Best Apps To Hide Apps On Android. If you have any other suggestions, please leave them in the comments area below.

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