Alchemy Stars CN Server Announced Alongside Stunning New PV

feature image for our alchemy stars CN news, the image features official promo art of two of the main characters from the game as they hold their weapons, as well as a screenshot from the anime PV for the game of one of the main characters as the sunset shines on her as she looks up with a surprised expression on her face
The Alchemy Stars CN pre-registration has actually started! Now, Alchemy Stars has actually been out for a little while for other areas, with its launch going back to 2021. It’s only simply getting a CN server this year, and you can now pre-register for instant gain access to.

What is the Alchemy Stars CN Server Release Date?

There is presently no release date for the Alchemy Stars CN server, however we presume that TourDog will reveal more updates as time goes on. The pre-registration duration is an exceptional indication though, and with the video game currently being a staple gacha for lots of gamers, it should not be too difficult to open the CN servers in the instant future.

Stunning New PV

Now, the primary talking point at the minute is the great anime PV that you can now enjoy alongside the statement! There’s no doubt that this animation was entirely made to market the new servers pertaining to the video game– however we like it anyhow. In reality, a great deal of individuals love the most recent animation and are now desperate for an authorities Alchemy Stars anime. Anime adjustments of video games are certainly more prevalent nowadays, particularly with the upcoming Genshin Impact and Blue Archive anime series.The studios that develop these shiny PVs for gacha video games definitely understand what they’re doing, and we wish to see more! We currently love the story simply from playing the video game, and the PV produced for the Alchemy Stars CN server definitely paints a fantastic photo of the gacha RPG itself. It’s typical understanding that well-crafted and popular adjustments of computer game franchises eventually improve sales and downloads for a video game– so why not attempt it? Anyway, if you want to register for the CN pre-registration, you can do so on theofficial website If you have not had an opportunity to check out Alchemy Stars yet, and you wish to sign up with the existing servers, you can download the video game on Google Play now!

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