Apex Legends Mobile Season 2 – What’s new

Apex Legends Mobile continues to enjoy success, and the game receives several updates regularly. These upgrades offer new playable maps and features. During the first season, the mobile port received Loba, one of the most well-known legends from the main games. Season two is shaping up to be an even more significant update, with the potential to provide numerous new maps, two new game types, and completely original mythology that has never been seen before.

Apex Legends Mobile Season 2 - What's new

Rhapsody is a “Rhythm Slinger,” sometimes known as a DJ, and she is from the planet Kómma, which is governed by the multinational technology corporation Pythas Inc. Rhapsody recognized an opportunity to clear her family’s debt to Pythias by uploading a computer virus during a performance in the wealthy district of Kómma. However, things went astray as the virus affected the finances of the entire community because it was performed in the rich district. Rhapsody has reached a point in her life when the only way to pay off her obligations is to take part in the Apex games while representing a company she despises.

Now that we’ve gotten the backstory, we can concentrate on Rhapsody’s gear. Her tactical skill, known as “Hype Anthem,” consists of playing a music track that increases the movement speed of her entire squad while gradually regenerating their shields. The effects of this ability will remain active until you take injury. The “Gifted Ear” passive ability allows you to hear footsteps from a greater distance than usual. It causes the footstep’s user interface to appear farther than it usually does.
Last, we have Rhapsody’s ultimate ability, which is called “Rowdy’s Rave.” Rhapsody’s robot dog (yes, it’s as adorable as it sounds) has a feature that, when activated, projects a massive wall of flashing lights. Only Rhapsody and the members of her squad can see through it, while the other teams can only see the disco lights. Bloodhound’s scan is unable to break through it either. However, use caution when employing this ability because it permits projectiles and ordinances to pass in either direction.

You’ll need to complete all Battle Pass challenges and get to level 25 to unlock Rhapsody for free. You can do this by clicking here. You can immediately unlock her for the price of 750 Apex Coins if you don’t want to wait the required time. ​​​​​​​

This season brings us not one but two whole new game modes: Gun Game and Hack. Both game variants are played with two teams of six players each battling against one another. Every participant in Gun Game begins the game with a different weapon, and that weapon is swapped out for another once that player scores a kill. The idea is sound, as it compels you to use what you have been provided rather than scavenging for additional resources. After you have begun the game, the heads-up display (HUD) will tell you which weapon you will obtain after the next kill. This will allow you to plan and ensure that you can efficiently use the subsequent weapon. The group that gets to the elimination goal wins the game.

Once again, Hack features competition between two teams of six players, but the aim isn’t to rack up eliminations this time. The Hackers will be one team, and the Defenders will be the other. Both teams will take turns playing their respective roles. A satellite equipped with modified ring emitters is now in orbit around the map (the ring that fries you as it closes in battle royale). There are two places of interest (POI) on the map that the Hackers will want to try to break into while the Defenders try to keep them at bay. Each round is timed for a total of two minutes and fifty-five seconds. If the Hackers are unable to compromise either POI within the allotted time, the point goes to the Defenders. During the course of a round, one side earns a point for every member of the opposing team that it eliminates.

When one of the teams reaches three points, the satellite will lock onto the losing team and blast them with ring energy. This will conclude the round and kill off the losing team. The game is decided by which team wins three consecutive matches first.

This season, a new map called King’s Canyon is available to play on in the battle royale mode. Incredibly, this fan-favorite map from the PC and console versions of the game has been ported over to the mobile platform. There are a lot of points of interest to investigate, such as explosive holds. Arc Stars are necessary for opening these confines, which include high-tier loot but can only be accessed by inserting a grenade into the door’s locking mechanism, so be sure to bring plenty of them with you.

Pythas Block 0 is a brand-new level only available on the game’s mobile version. In addition to other game modes on this map, you may play Team Death Match. This map, which is based on Rhapsody’s home world, is bursting with vivid colors and interesting noises.

In general, Apex Legends: Distortion is shaping up to be a fantastic second season, with plenty of fresh material for players to experiment with. Everything else is brand-new for mobile, except for King’s Canyon, which was brought over from the main game. I hope that some of the new mobile content will make its way into the regular game.

If you are new to Apex Legends, we have a helpful guide with all the information you require to get started with the game. After getting the hang of things, you should look over our five-pointers for winning matches. They’ll come in handy.

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