Apple hit with another lawsuit, thanks to AirTags

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Apple is dealing with yet another lawsuit over its AirTags that were launched in April of 2021. This time around, two women in San Francisco are taking legal action against the Cupertino- based business. The lawsuit declares that an “ex-boyfriend of one of the women who filed the lawsuit planted an AirTag in the wheel well of her car and was able to find out where she had moved to avoid his harassment, according to the proposed class-action complaint filed Monday in federal court in San Francisco.”While the other lady had a comparable concern, specifying that “her estranged husband tracked her movements by placing an AirTag in her child’s backpack”.This isn’t brand-new, and is most likely a problem that Apple will have to continue to compete with while they are still offering and supporting the AirTag. The item is so great, that’s being utilized for bad things. Apple has actually currently launched some modifications to AirTags to aid enhance detection for unidentified AirTags, along with louder AirTag signals and more. But it appears like more modifications are coming.

AirTags are more popular than Tile

If you’re questioning why we’re hearing a lot more about these sorts of features of AirTags than we ever did with Tile, it’s since it’sApple For one, when its about Apple, things are amplified. The other factor is that AirTags are currently a lot more popular than Tile ever was. Not to point out the reality that AirTags utilize the iPhone’s Find My network. So it’s continuously linking to WiFi networks. Making it simple to discover things that are miles and miles away.Unwanted tracking is an undesirable issue for Apple, however one they’ll have to continue dealingwith Until they choose to stop offering AirTags completely. And at this moment, it may not deserve it to keep AirTags around. Due to all the bad promotion and all of the claims they have actually been dealing with.

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