Asobimo Launches New ARPG N-Innocence In Select Countries

The featured image for our N-Innocence release article, featuring a picture of the game's characters standing ina. group, looking towards the camera.
Asobimo has actually soft-launched it’s most current ARPG, N-Innocence, in Canada and America.


The story of the video game concentrates on you getting up, having no memory of what brought you to your weird environments. For unidentified factors, a woman called Nye threatens to eliminate you. As you attempt to prevent her, along with at the same time restore your memories, you fulfill a new good friend, Nya, who states she’ll safeguard you. With her at hand, you start a mission to take a trip to colonies, far from Ney, in an effort to bear in mind what occurred to you.N-Innocence utilizes a crossover of various legendary stories to develop it’s world. For example, the video game’s villain is a God comprised from a mix of various folklores, such as Nordic, Japanese, and Greek.The gameplay itself consists of easy yet enjoyable tap-and-flick fight. With swap in, switch out gameplay, you’ll intend to develop the ideal mix of heroes in order to beat your opponents. Use your little group of 4 heroes to deal high ammonts of damage, and additional if your targets stagger!

Global Release

It appears that fans were not anticipating a region-locked soft-launch for N-Innocence Fans have actually flooded the video game’s Twitter account, revealing their anger at the truth that they can’t yet play the video game. One user, @knt_issa, composes “another disappointment, trying all the methods with VPN Canada or United States, it still does not work. The game died early” under theCanada/America launch announcement post on Twitter A great deal of fans have actually likewise been tweeting at the studio, questioning if an international release will ever come.If you remain in Canada or America, you can download N-Innocence from Google Play now.While you wait on news of an international release for the video game, have a read of our post detailing the Best Android Gacha Games.

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