Backstabbing Card Game Munchkin Now On Android

Feature image for our Munchkin news piece. It shows a capture of gameplay, with a player character in a dungeon facing off against a giant tentacle that has grabbed someone.
Min- maxers and roll-fudgers rejoice! Fiendishly enjoyable card game Munchkin is out on Google Play and no loot is safe.If you enjoy TTRPGs, you have actually most likely become aware of the term‘Munchkin’ For those that have not, we’ll provide you a quick summary. A Munchkin is a tabletop role-player who isn’t much for the role-playing part. They wish to win, to be the very best, and to get all the very best loot on their own. Forget anyone else.

Bad Play Is Encouraged

While this type of habits is discredited at your regional D&D group, it’s favorably motivated inMunchkin The game’s very first version was a card game, though now with the magic of Android, you’ll have the ability to betray your pals from the convenience of your own houses, cross-platform play consisted of.The goal of Munchkin is easy enough. To win you require to reach level 10 prior to anybody else does. To arrive, you’re going to require to draw cards, and utilize them tactically.You can improve your gamer character’s level and statistics, obtain through a challenging battle, or indulge your wicked positioning and undermine your fellow gamers.

A Game Of Deals And Betrayal

Combat begins when beast cards come out. You require a character whose statistics withstand whatever beastie appears, or the repercussions are alarming. You might lose levels, or perhaps your hero’s life! Your fellow gamers can action in to assist you out, however they’ll most likely desire something from you as payment.That’s the best-case situation. At worst, other gamers will simply rub the beast simply to make certain it pounds you into the dungeon flooring.We stated it was enjoyable, we didn’t always state it was reasonable. You selected the Munchkin life.The game is an excellent option for a great night with pals, presuming that you do not fall out quickly. At least playing on Android implies nobody can turn the table.Want some more excellent video games in the exact same vein? Check out our finest Android card video games include for some recommendations.

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