Beginner’s Guide to Apex Legends Mobile

Beginner's Guide to Apex Legends Mobile

Without any prior experience or expertise in battle royales, diving headfirst into Apex Legends Mobile might leave you feeling like a deer caught in the headlights. Apex Legends distinguishes itself from the competition because to the degree of refinement and unique hero skills in the gameplay. However, if you’re a new or returning player, getting your feet wet might be difficult; that’s why Android Police has created a starter’s guide to help users get started. We’ll show you how to survive your first battle royale round, as well as provide an in-depth profile on the game’s legends and a comprehensive overview of the currently available features and game types.

Getting started

You’ll need to complete a few basic tasks after installing the Apex Legends Mobile Android app before you can begin the course. The first two stages involve identity confirmation: you must confirm your age and agree to the game’s terms of service agreement before selecting your primary login method (Google account, EA account, Twitter, Facebook, or sign in as a guest).

You must now choose your default settings. You may change your settings at any moment by pressing on Settings on your main menu. To begin, based on your comfort and history in mobile shooters, we recommend selecting ‘No experience in mobile shooting games (Auto-Firing will be enabled)’ or ‘Experienced in mobile shooting games’. The button arrangement you’ll see while playing is next in your heads-up display. Choose between ‘HUD1 – Classic Setup’ and ‘HUD2 – Apex Style’ based on your particular preferences. You may change your layout at any moment by going to Settings and selecting Custom Layout.

Beginner's Guide to Apex Legends Mobile

Rookie Tutorial

You’ll work with Mirage during the tutorial to master the basics of the game, such as sliding, climbing, shooting, and picking up goods and teammate flags. Once you’ve completed the lesson, you’ll be able to register as a legend and select your username.

Beginner's Guide to Apex Legends Mobile

How to play battle royales: Apex Legends Mobile style

We’ve compiled a list of beginner suggestions to assist you get through your first few matches. After you’ve mastered our basic tips, take control of your gaming by practicing the vital survival strategies to begin winning more matches.

  • You’ll spend more than half the game looting things and obtaining any firearms in your area. The idea is to pick the perfect weaponry for your playstyle; if you’re a confrontational player, shotguns like the Peacekeeper or the Wingman are better for pistol play. The practice range lets you gain a sense of which weapons are currently available in the game, thus we strongly advise you to use it before starting a match.
  • It’s important to remember loot colors: white is common, blue is uncommon, purple is epic, and gold is legendary. During a match, you’ll power up your gear by upgrading your treasure to a greater rarity.
  • To loot faster, enable auto-pickup; you may sort your bag after you’re safe.
Beginner's Guide to Apex Legends Mobile
  • Always stay on the move to prevent becoming stranded outside the ever-increasing ring; if you’re playing as a legend with increased movement speed, don’t be hesitant to use an ability to get back on track.
  • Use the ping mechanism to notify your squad of where you want to travel and what treasure you’ve discovered; this is still a team-based shooter, so communication is essential!
  • Shields are your closest buddies; remember to replenish them outside of combat. Shields are essential for surviving confrontations.
Beginner's Guide to Apex Legends Mobile
  • Use a finisher to eliminate your opponents. Once you’ve defeated an adversary, they’ll be downed, therefore you’ll need to use a finisher to do the job.
  • Improve your movement by using the sliding mechanic. To travel quicker, combine jumping and sliding.
  • Experiment with your legends; choose one or two that you enjoy and stay with them. Learning the legends and adhering to their intended playstyle can help you develop. Every legend has a speciality, which is decided by their skill/ultimate/passive, and you’ll discover more as you go. If you’re new to Apex, we recommend beginning with offensive legends (or even a defensive class like Caustic) that focus on battle before progressing to heavy utility-focused legends.
  • Increase the power of your legendary by unlocking additional bonuses. Playing as particular legends in matches unlocks perks.
  • Discover your legend’s hitbox. Your hitbox determines how simple it is to shoot you; larger hitboxes, for example, are larger targets. Legends are divided into small, medium, and big hitboxes, with Gibraltar, Pathfinder, and Caustic having the largest. Keep in mind that the game is designed to be balanced around hitboxes and the ability to negate damage, so utilize your powers wisely.
  • Land quicker than other players to gain first dibs on goodies. Turning your camera 45 degrees and viewing sideways allows you to fly quicker and get more distance for your drop. Just keep in mind that starting in densely populated regions during your first few drops may result in the opposition team beating you to the punch and wiping out your underequipped squad.
  • Prepare a variety of weaponry in preparation for various sorts of conflicts. For example, if you’re battling inside, you’ll want to employ hipfire (such as the Alternator SMG) to take down your opponent, but not all firearms are hipfire-compatible.

Learning your legends (characters)

Legends play an important role in Apex lore from the Titanfall world. Every legend has a distinct past and personality that you will gradually learn about. Aside from the legend’s personality and history, each legend has a distinct set of talents and abilities that allow for a certain playstyle. The legends you may unlock and play are listed below.

To examine the game’s available legends, go to the main menu and select Legends, then Details.


An aggressive class that specializes in tactical fighting, allowing her to obtain an advantage in a conflict. She can sprint while being shot at for a short time (passive ability). She may also use a smoke launcher to obstruct visibility in a specific region (ability). Rolling Thunder is her ultimate, which launches a flare to summon an artillery strike, dealing damage, slowing, and distorting visibility on the field.


A recon class that specializes in tracking down and knowing the whereabouts of an adversary. They can find trails that reveal the location and timing of adversary activity (passive ability). Their skill allows them to see attackers, traps, and clues through buildings. Their ultimate boosts movement speed and draws attention to adjacent enemy tracks. Because they are a recon legend, they may scan survey beacons to determine the ring’s future position.


A defensive class that uses noxious gas to scout and trap opponents. His passive gives him the ability to see adversaries inside his gas. His ability releases six canisters of Nox Gas that foes can shoot/trigger; once the gas disperses, it slows and damages adjacent enemies. His ultimate, Nox Gas, Grenade, floods an area with Nox Gas, slowing and damaging foes within. As a defensive legend, he receives access to the reinforced passive, which decreases incoming damage by 15% and makes him resistant to bullet slowed.


An attacking class with a focus on dimension manipulation. After sliding, his passive offers you a small movement speed boost. His ability uses the Void to transfer him to a prior location. His ultimate, Phase Chamber, transports any legends within its reach into the Void. He is only available in Apex Legends Mobile and is not available in the core console/PC game.


A defensive class specializing on shield generation to withstand damage. When aiming down sights, his passive shields the upper body. If you’re inside, his ability generates a barrier that prevents incoming damage. His ultimate, Defensive Bombardment, fires a strike in an area that does damage and stuns. As a defensive legend, he receives access to the reinforced passive, which decreases incoming damage by 15% and makes him resistant to bullet slowed.


A caring class that specializes in mending and assisting her comrades. She may dispatch a D.O.C. to act as a shield and restore her comrades (passive ability). Her ability sends a drone to nearby teammates to heal them, but if she takes damage while the ability is active, the healing will be disrupted. Her ultimate, Care Package, summons a nearby pod holding more advanced equipment.


A helpful class that specializes on gathering high-quality treasure to get an advantage in a match. Her passive, Eye For Quality, allows her to spot epic and legendary treasure through barriers and ping these areas to her allies. Burglar’s Best Friend, her ability, gives her an extra tool to teleport by tossing her bracelet towards difficult-to-reach spots, which also acts as a vital get-out-of-jail-free mechanic. Her ultimate, Black Market Boutique, converts adjacent loot into an intractable portable inventory; any nearby legendary can take up to two things from this inventory.


An attacking class that specializes in fooling his opponents with holograms. When dealing with respawn beacons or attempting to revive teammates, he will automatically cloak; when knocked down, he will release a decoy and become invisible (passive ability). His ability sends out a decoy; reactivating it causes the decoy to replicate his motions. Life of the Party, his ultimate, sends forth many replicas that mirror his actions, but the real Mirage remains unseen and runs faster.


An attacking class with a focus on movement. When he is not receiving damage, his passive regenerates health over time. His ability boosts movement speed briefly at the expense of his health. Leap Pad, his ultimate, summons a contraption that allows everyone to double jump in the air. He is unlocked for free when you begin playing.


A recon class that excels in fast traversing the map by exploiting the terrain. His passive scans a survey beacon to disclose the location of the next ring, and his scans lessen the cooldown of his ultimate. His skill allows him to zipline from one location to another by sending out a grappling hook that latches onto a surface. Zipline Gun, his ultimate, produces a zipline for his whole squad. Because he is a recon legend, he can scan survey beacons to determine the ring’s next position.


Her Gifted Ear, a passive character focusing in leveraging the power of music to help her allies, takes up sound visualizations, such as footsteps, from a distance. Her ability, Hype Anthem, boosts her comrades by increasing their speed and restoring their shields; taking damage will cancel the effect. Rowdy’s Rave, her ultimate, creates a barrier that blocks incoming sight and scans, preventing foes from spying your location. You’ll need to buy 750 Apex Coins or grind the Battle Pass after you’re level 25 or above to start unlocking Rhapsody.


An aggressive class that specializes in dimension manipulation to facilitate flanking. When she is spotted near traps and is being pursued, her passivity warns of danger. Her ability allows her to travel fast without receiving damage by entering the Void. Her ultimate, Dimensional Rift, allows her squad to travel from one location to another by using portals.

How to Get More Legends

More legends are unlocked by earning experience points in any game mode. More experience points may be obtained through opening crates, completing daily, and playing well in matches (such as getting more kills).

Game modes and features

Your camera, First-Person Perspective (FPP), and Third-Person Perspective (TPP) settings will determine who appears in your matches. FPP players will only be paired with other FPP players, whilst TPP players only be matched with other TPP players. FPP provides the classic Apex experience, but TPP is available if you want a more flexible playstyle and are already comfortable with the third-person view. When opposed to first-person, playing in third-person expands your range of view.

Outside of the core battle royale mode, Apex Legends Mobile has a variety of game types to attempt. The following modes are now available:

  • Ranked
  • Battle Royale
  • Multiplayer modes include 3v3 team deathmatch, a gun game, and a hacking game.
  • Firearms range, rookie tutorial, instructional training, mastery tasks
  • Modes for limited-time events

To begin queuing for a new game mode, press on the tab on the left side, choose Confirm, and then tap on the Play button.

Apex Legends Mobile also has a free and premium battle pass with incentives such as in-game cosmetics. Another aspect is the weekly addition of new challenges in which you may earn treasure by completing daily and seasonal quests.

Every competition season may introduce new features, characters, and seasonal store items to collect. So, always check back before a new season begins since you don’t want to miss out on the excitement.

Apex Legends Mobile’s future outlook

Apex Legends Mobile is on track to be one of the top Android games of 2022. Apex Legends Mobile holds up well against its competition, so if this is your first foray into a battle royale, you’ll be satisfied with your selection. With only a few seasons under its belt on Android, now is the time to dive into Apex Legend so you can become well-versed in achieving that Champion title. If your phone isn’t up to par, we have a slew of recommendations for the finest Android phones you might look into.

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