Brown Dust 2 Early Access Launch Has Divided The Fanbase

The featured image for our Brown Dust 2 early access news article. The image features four Brown Dust 2 characters standing in a field with heavenly clouds in a blue sky sitting behind them. White birds fly all around them.
The long waited for Brown Dust 2 has lastly gotten in early-access. After the very first expose trailer back in March 2022, Neowiz has chosen to take the next action in the video game’s release.The video game itself is the follow up to the ARPGBrown Dust It’s marketed as a console-like experience video game, with a visual comprised of high quality 2D graphics. The video game falls under the gacha sub-genre, indicating you can anticipate an abundance of characters, and a prolonged project.The video game’s early access introduced on Google Play the other day, however the fan response up until now has been blended.

A Promising Gacha Game?

One side of the response is extremely favorable. A Reddit user, @gadesabc, offered a complete extensive evaluation of their early access experience up until now. The Reddit user specified they were“quite pleasantly surprised” The prolonged remark has up until now gotten 60 upvotes, indicating that a great deal of the neighborhood share comparable views.The commenter explained the video game having a strong JRPG ambiance, which it seemed like a “real game” in contrast to other gachas in regards to having actually detailed expedition. They applauded the video game for it’s distinct characters, lack of an endurance system, the battling mechanics, and the RPG aspects, to name a few aspects.Another Reddit user, @Esterier, composed that they“like it so far” They specified that the reducing of systems from the very first Brown Dust video game will assist keep their interest and financial investment in the gacha.But it wasn’t all sunlight and rainbows from the gacha neighborhood …

The Dark Side Of Early Access

Whilst half of the fanbase appear rather pleased with their early access experience up until now, the other half do not appear to be offered. As it ends up, the early access for Brown Dust 2 has an awful side.Neowiz, the designer of the video game, specified that there will be a data-wipe at the end of the early access. This suggests that gamers’ development will not be rollovered in between the early access and the launch of the video game.In the exact same Reddit post that was talked about previously, lots of commentors revealed their aggravation at this. One user, @YourMasterGherkyIII, composed “What kind of early access deletes data? Call it a CBT like it is…”Another user, @ferinsy, composed “Looks like incompetent localization, they don’t even know the words for what they’re doing.”The outcry originates from the reality that the branding of “early-access” is deceptive, as information normally does rollover when it ends. The regards to this release of the video game lines up more with an open beta test. The miscommunication from the studio is what remains some fans feeling baffled, upset, and disappointed.Could the debate taint the credibility of Brown Dust 2 prior to it’s even formally introduced? Let us understand in the remarks.Meanwhile, you can download the Brown Dust 2 early access on your own on Google Play and test out the video game now.

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