Eversoul Pre-Download Arrives, But You Can’t Actually Download It

The featured image for our Eversoul pre-download article, featuring a whole cafe full of Eversoul characters gathering around to celebrate with each other.
Eversoul is now offered for pre-download on Google Play, permitting you to set up the video game ahead of it’s January 5.The pre-download has actually been launched with no download information, leaving expecting fans of the video game puzzled.

No Data, Big Problem

The entire point of a pre-download is to prevent server worrying due to a great deal of individuals attempting to download the video game simultaneously. With a pre-download, you will rather set up the video game right before its release, assisting to prevent a server crash at launch.Given that there’s no information consisted of in the pre-download, you’ll still need to set up the complete video game at launch, making the entire procedure quite redundant.This odd relocation from the designer makes you question what will take place on January 5. Mass hysteria from Eversoul fans as the servers are overwhelmed? Or do the designers understand what they’re doing, and there’s a strategy after all?

Limited Freebies

An not practical pre-download is not the only obsticle that has actually players worried about the launch of Eversoul.Pre- registration benefits are connected specifically to accounts that have actually pre-registered. If you’re a regular gacha player, then you would understand that this makes rerolling virtually difficult.If you wish to know more about this slyly concealed information, then have a look at our Eversoul Pre-Registration short article where we cover what this might indicate for the future of rerolling in Eversoul.

Where Can I Get the Eversoul Pre-Download?

Despite the debate, we suggest that you proceed and pre-download the video game regardless. The video game does not release till January 5, implying the designers still have time to submit information to Google Play.On- top of that, pre-registration benefits are still up for grabs, and this is your last possibility to do so! Check out the Eversoul pre-download on your own onGoogle Play

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