Fire Emblem Engage Already Running On Android Thanks To Skyline

The featured image for our Fire Emblem Engage tier list, featuring the cast of the game posing with their weapons, looking towards the camera. They are gathered above the clouds, and the picture features a red, blue, and white aesthetic.
If you wish to play Fire Emblem Engage however you do not have a Nintendo Switch, then your option can be discovered on Reddit, where a user has actually shard their excellent emulation leads to a post. Fire Emblem Engage Android performs at a buttery-smooth 60FPS.Unfortunately, the gameplay reveals a couple of visual artifacts that use up a part of the screen. However, we make sure that with a little time and work, the video game will be completely playable.Fire Emblem Engage is the most recent entry to the Fire Emblem franchise, launching simply 4 days back on January 24. Like previous entries, it’s a tactical role-playing video game, concentrating on an extensive project that builds on the previous video games’ tradition.

The Phone Behind The Results

The Reddit user who published the gameplay shared their phone design, and we’re not shocked to see that the phone in concern is the Redmagic SEVEN Pro.While it’s not the most recent design, the Redmagic SEVEN Pro still includes effective specifications. Most especially, the Snapdragon 8+ chipset, which is probably a contributing element to the emulator’s smooth efficiency.

A Few Artifacts Here And There

While the gameplay definitely looks appealing, there’s a couple of artifacts holding the emulation back. The screen tears and bleeds into each frame quite frequently, using up a great part of the leading half of the screen. But this is absolutely nothing brand-new.If you recognize with brand-new video game emulations, then you’ll know visual bugs and problems appearing in fresh ports. But do not fret– these are generally polished by the designer after a couple of weeks. The totally playable variation of the video game might be best around the corner!The truth that this emulation was done through Skyline offers us a lot more faith. The Skyline group are constantly on top of the Switch emulation scene, with regular updates and enhancements.Read more about this intriguing Switch emulator in our Best Android Switch Emulator post.

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