Former Apple Arcade Exclusive Various Daylife Gets An Android Release, But It’s A Bit Pricey

The featured image for our Various Daylife Android Release, featuring the main character from the game looking into a city centre which is full of life. In the bottom right corner of the screen in the Various Daylife logo.
After a couple of years of being an iOS exclusive, Various Daylife has actually lastly released onAndroid However, not everybody enjoys with the video game’s price-tag.Square Enix’s Various Daylife is an RPG that concentrates on the city of Antocia, a newly-discovered land. It happens in the year 211 of the Imperial Empire, and your objective is to live your finest life in the city of Erebia.

Nice Game, Hefty Price

Despite having actually gotten favorable feedback by audiences, the Android neighborhood is still hesitant to buyVarious Daylife Currently, the video game sits at 100+ downloads on Google Play after the studio launched the video game 2 days back. The download statistics might appear frustrating, but there’s definitely a prospective factor for that: the video game’s rate.Various Daylife expenses ₤ 18.99 in the UK, and $20+ in the United States. It goes without stating that this rate is substantially greater than the majority of mobile video games on Android– particularly most RPGs.What may be more frustrating about the designer’s option to price the video game so high is that the video game isn’t even brand-new; Various Daylife very first launched on iOS in 2019.In a Reddit post under r/Android Video gaming the neighborhood is plainly not pleased.One Reddit user, @Fallen_winged_boy, responds to somebody who mentions their interest in the video game “same but 25 € for a mobile game”.

From iOS Exclusive To Multi-Platform Game

As specified previously, Various Daylife has actually had rather the journey. It at first released in 2019 as an iOS exclusive. The designer extended the video game’s reach with a Switch, PC, and Playstation 4 release in late 2022. For unidentified factors, Android was late to the Various Daylife celebration.You can purchase Various Daylife now on Google Play.Meanwhile, have a read of theBest Android Games Sales This Week

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