Free 9S Character As NieR: Automata Event Hits Champions Of The Continent

Feature image for our news piece on the Octopath NieR collab. It shows sprites of 2B and 9S in-game, with 2B telling 9S 'Stop calling me ma'am.'
Two huge names in the video gaming world join today, as the Octopath Traveller mobile title, Octopath Traveller: Champions Of The Continent coordinate with Yoko Taro’s RPG work of art NieR: Automata.The Octopath NieR event starts on the 22nd of March, so you have actually just got 3 days to wait.

The Android Trio Drop Into Orsterra

Square Enix has actually launched a brief trailer onto their YouTube channel to let gamers understand what they need to eagerly anticipate. Several of Automata’s cherished android characters appear to play, with 2B, 9S, and A2 set to make a look, albeit in teeny small little pixel sprite type. They have actually even got their Pods, too.You will not need to frantically roll for all the characters. 9S is set to be readily available free of charge to anybody who takes part in the event, so you’re ensured to get at least one.How do the android trinity equate over to COTC’s class system? Well, the trailer offers us some insight into that too. 9S remains in the Merchant class, 2B lands into Warrior, while the rogue Android A2 is a rogue in more methods than one in the Thief class.

A New Storyline?

The partnership isn’t merely a cosmetic one either. The event guarantees a brand new story about how a lot of robotic individuals from apocalyptic sci-fi wound up in the dream world ofOrsterra We can’t wait to see how they pull that a person off.Champions Of The Continent is a mobile prequel to the very firstOctopath Traveller Set in a world of middle ages dream, it follows the stories of a variety of various lead characters pursuing complicated stories. All of them associate with 3 ideas that are the core of the stories, and the systems of the world. Wealth, power, and popularity.The video game maintains the mainline series’ distinct and undoubtedly cute art design.Does the Octopath NieR: Automata part interest you the most? Check out our news piece on the NieR: Automata Android emulation.

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