Free Eren Jaeger in the Valkyrie Connect x Attack on Titan Collab

feature image for our valkyrie connect attack on titan collab news piece, the image features a screenshot of eren jaeger, as well as promo art of two characters for the valkyrie connect game
The Valkyrie Connect x Attack on Titan collab has actually formally started, Meet your preferred Attack on Titan characters in- video game and participate in the interesting occasion till March 1. This partnership appears to be in event of the last season of the popular anime series that is because of air this year.

Which Characters are in the Collab?

If you’re a fan of the franchise, you’ll be happy to understand that Armin Arlert, Hange Zo ë, Levi Ackerman, Mikasa Ackerman, and Eren Jaeger are in the partnership occasion! While these characters are now in the gacha swimming pool for the occasion, you can get a free Eren Jaeger simply by logging in.Additionally, there is a free everyday gacha pull to utilize throughout the occasion, more increasing your possibilities of acquiring an Attack on Titan collab character.

Content in the Valkyrie Connect x Attack on Titan Collab

Furthermore, you can participate in an unique Connect Battle that includes an obstacle versus Reiner Braun,the Armored Titan Plus there’s an unique story that you can just experience throughout the collab– so do not lose out!Clearing this occasion rewards you with a free Reiner Braun, and you can make free training products for him by finishing the Connect Battle with Captain Levi.

What is Valkyrie Connect?

Valkyrie Connect is a gacha RPG that is cherished by lots of fans and typically tops the charts in Japan! Immerse yourself in tactical fight with totally geared up groups– produced with characters you can gather. There are likewise interesting co-op Connect Battles to take pleasure in as you view the distinct animations of each capability. Each character has their own story too, providing many hours of material.If you want to discover more about the video game, you can download it on Google Play or check out the video game’s authorities Twitter page!

What is Attack on Titan?

Attack on Titan is among the most popular anime/manga franchises of perpetuity. Even if you do not view anime, or check out manga, you have actually most likely become aware of it. Spanning 4 seasons, with the ending due to air this year, the series itself has a wide variety of characters who individuals have actually grown to enjoy. Now, we do not wish to consist of any spoilers here, however all we can state is that it’s an action-packed experience loaded with thriller! The Survey Corps devote their lives to safeguarding the world from the ever-looming Titans.

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