Galaxy Note 20 and A53 5G get December update in the US

Samsung Galaxy A53 cameras edit AH 2022
Samsung‘s Galaxy Note 20, Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, and Galaxy A53 5G are receiving the December 2022 Android security patch in the US. They join a handful of other Galaxy devices in the company’ s December SMR (Security Maintenance Release) celebration. The update spots as lots of as 80 vulnerabilities, consisting of a handful of crucial defects that might cause remote code execution.The newest security spot for the Galaxy Note 20 duo is presently available for users with a carrier-locked system. The upgraded firmware variation for phones is N98 * USQS3GVKA. Having just recently got the Android 13-based One UI 5.0 update, the phones aren’t getting any brand-new functions or enhancements with this release. Samsung has actually currently seeded the brand-new security spot to the Galaxy Note 20 phones in most worldwide markets.Samsung has actually likewise launched the December SMR for the 4G-only designs ofthe Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Note 20 Ultra As of this writing, the update is live in Switzerland and features firmware variation N98 * FXXS5GVK9. These phones didn’t show up in the US and had a restricted release in worldwide markets too. But, the business must quickly cover systems in all markets where the gadgets were offered. (*20 *), the Galaxy A53 5G is receiving the December SMRin the US This premium mid-range design is getting the newest security release with firmware variation A536U1UES4AVK6 for opened systems. Samsung hasn’t presented the update for carrier-locked designs yet. This release does not bring anything else. You’re just getting this month’s vulnerability repairs.

The Galaxy A53 5G is still pending a larger Android 13 release in the US

Samsung’s Android 13 update for the Galaxy A53 5G in the US hasn’t gotten steam yet. The business started the rollout for carrier-locked variations recently in addition to the November security spot. However, the release isn’t yet live for systems on all providers. Moreover, opened variations are now getting the December SMR ahead of the newest Android variation. It’s uncertain if Samsung’s engineers found some bug and halted the release or if something else is triggering the hold-up.We hope the business will not take a lot longer to update the US- bound Galaxy A53 5G to Android 13. Most worldwide markets have actually currently got the huge Android release. In the interim, users with an opened design can update to the newest security spot. Carrier- locked systems need to likewise quickly get the December SMR stateside. An international rollout of this month’s security spot for the Galaxy A53 5G need to be best around the corner.

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