Genshin Impact 3.4 Update – What’s New?

feature image for our genshin impact 3.4 update news piece, the image features the two new characters, alhaitham and yaoyao
The Genshin Impact 3.4 update is on the horizon, and for every single significant update, Hoyoverse enjoys to place on a program that showcases all of the brand-new material en route. As constantly, 3.4 looks simply as interesting as the current updates, with a huge selection of new things coming quickly. We have actually put together a guide that gets directly to the point when trying to find the most vital bits from the Genshin Impact 3.4 update.Let’s kick it off by discussing the necessary character banners. Genshin Impact gamers constantly excitedly wait for the statement of which characters will be on the next banner! For 3.4, we have the typical double banner, with Alhaitham on one, and Xiao on the other. What makes this interesting is the reality that Alhaitham is a new character. While he is presented throughout the primary story questline, 3.4 is where he will end up being playable– fantastic!

3.4 Character Banners

Alhaitham is a dendro, sword-wielding 5-star character, implying he’s going to be a little bit harder to get than the brand-new 4 star. Speaking of the brand-new 4 star, both banners in stage one will consist of Yaoyao! If you’re a fan of Genshin Impact, you’ll understand for how long we have actually been waiting on her release. She’s the very first dendro therapist, and her capability permits her to toss charming bunnies– what’s not to like?For stage 2 of the character banners, we have the long-awaited return of fan-favourite character, Hu Tao! While it does take a couple of months for the majority of characters to get a rerun, Hu Tao is among the unusual couple of who just actually returns as soon as a year. The 2nd character banner that becomes part of stage 2 is Yelan, however we’re not too sure who the 4 star characters will be right now.

What Else is New?

As well as the brand-new characters, we have a brand-new weapon too. This weapon is the Light of Foliar Incision sword, and we’re thinking it’s the very best option forAlhaitham Not just that, however the Genshin Impact 3.4 update has a new location too. It broadens the present desert environment, however with a twist– actually. As you traverse this location, you will find a lot of twisters and sandstorms. With a brand-new location, we typically get a brand-new employer, and this time is no various. The brand-new employer is called Setekh Wenut, and we’ll report on that once we get some more details!

3.4 Events

The 3.4 update likewise consists of a lots of brand-new occasions, such as the popularLantern Rite Festival During this occasion, you can make a wide variety of benefits such as Primogems, resources, and other giveaways. The essential part of this occasion, is the capability to make a totally free 4 star character of your option! There’s a catch, nevertheless, as they need to be fromLiyue Luckily, there are some excellent 4 stars available that are from Liyue, so you’ll be ruined for option. Additionally, Genshin has actually chosen to put the brand-new 4 star, Yaoyao, on the totally free option benefit.To leading everything off, we have some brand-new cosmetics too. Firstly, we have the Springbloom Missive attire for 5 starAyaka This skin can be purchased in the in-game shop and will be marked down for a restricted time. The 2nd skin is for Lisa, and you can acquire it by participating in the Second Blooming occasion– there are likewise Primogems and other resources available too!Interested in Genshin Impact? Find out more details on the video game’sofficial website

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