Girls’ Frontline Fixed Point Event Trailer Out Now – Will The Dolls Get Their Happy Ending?

The featured image for our Girls' Frontline Fixed Point trailer article, featuring the Dolls from the game standing in a barren forrest.
The next chapter in the Girls’ Frontline story has actually been teased numerous times over the last number of days on the authorities Girls’ Frontline Twitter page. Today’s Tweet lastly revealed the trailer.

The Dolls’ Fate Finally Revealed?

The Girls’ Frontline project is moving along remarkably fast. After the state the characters were left in at the end of the last event, we’re all questioning– what will take place in Fixed Point?The authorities Twitter page composed“the stage is shrouded in uncertainty while danger lurks behind the scenes” This threatening tease has actually got us hypothesizing.We currently understand from the story up until now that the studio isn’t scared to put the characters through hell, with Ange still missing out on and Stasi remaining in such bad shape. Not to point out the G&K primary base is presently in ruins.If you believed the Dolls had actually gone through sufficient currently, then get ready for your expectations to be overturned all over once again. And ensure you have a box of tissues for your tears …

Cryptic Trailer

The trailer itself, which you can discover on YouTube, is a one and a half minute long montage. Commenters revealed how they believed it was challenging to discover any significance in the sneak peek, whilst others applauded it for being so puzzling with it’s images.Shown at different points in the trailer are drifting character cards, in addition to the Dolls standing in the middle of a barren forest. There’s a great deal of triangle images in the trailer, and at one point the Eye of Providence even appears.

The Next Major Event

It’s just been one month because the previous significant event in Girls’ Frontline, Poincare Recurrence, and we have actually currently got another one coming. This is certainly an odd pacing choice from the designer, however if it indicates we get brand-new material earlier, then we’re not grumbling.In a sub-reddit on r/gachagaming, fans talked about the brand-new trailer, and in specific– how the English variation of the video game has actually almost overtaken the Chinese variation. One user, The GrayGhost00, composed: After this EN will be just one significant event and one side event behind the primary story. The end of the story is coming quickly.This has actually made the English Girls’ Frontline fanbase extremely happy, and we’re here for it!If you have an interest in more Girls’ Frontline material, have a look at our Girls’ Frontline codes guide.

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