Goddess Of Victory: Nikke Ad Causes Fan Outrage

Goddess Of Victory: Nikke Ad Causes Fan Outrage
Tencent Games has actually pulled a Nikke ad in Thailand after the gamer base revolted. Quick action scrubbed the angering Nikke ad from main sources the other day. However, YouTuber SuperN64 has actually protected the video for posterity on their channel, so you can see it if you attempt.Taking even a short take a look at it may offer you some concept why the gamers were a bit upset.

A Not-So-Flattering Portrayal Of Nikke Fans

The ad illustrates a boy with glasses and doubtful hair options, sitting by himself at what ends up being his own birthday celebration.He opens the Goddess Of Victory: Nikke video game and is plainly not in it for the gameplay, rather getting really delighted at the low-angle shots up the anime characters’ skirts. His sibling then approaches and triggers him to make a dream. There are no points for thinking what his dream is.Real variations of a number of Nikke characters appear and he has the ability to see them flex over really far while they shoot their weapons. It ends on the obvious distinct selling point the ad wishes to press that ‘every shot bounces’, and it’s not describing bullet ricochet.

The Backlash Hits

Needless to state, the Nikke neighborhood revealed their displeasure of their representation as helpless and lonesome people who consume over anime video game characters, and likewise greatly did not like the suggestive material.The reaction was so serious that just a day after its launching, the publisher pulled the Nikke ad, and the authorities social networks for Goddess Of Victory: Nikke launched a full apology for the mistake.

What Even Is Nikke?

Goddess Of Victory: Nikke is a third-person shooter that released in November in 2015. It’s a video game with gacha mechanics that motivates you to create a team of female supersoldiers, called Nikkes, to combat an existential danger.The plot has rather a lot going on, with styles of free choice, injury, and war, however it likewise includes outright bucketloads of fanservice. Maybe the ad developers have actually hugely overlooked why the neighborhood plays the video game, or possibly the area of the neighborhood that is betting that factor frowns at being called out.Either method, it’s most likely a lesson on why being mean to your fanbase may not be the very best organization option.Feel like taking a look at some more video gaming faults from today? Check out our news piece on the Neural Cloud Exception Protocol launch.

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