Google is making Android app bundles mandatory for Google TV & Android TV

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Google began presenting the App Package platform back in 2018, which permitted designers to divide their apps into various parts. Hence, making it simpler for the designers to upgrade their apps, and likewise decreasing the download size for the users. Now, Google is making Android App Bundles necessary for Google television and Android television platforms beginning May 2023. According to Google, while software application sizes have actually grown, television hardware has actually stayed restricted in contrast. In 2022, mobile phones frequently have a minimum of 64GB storage, however clever Televisions have approximately simply 8GB, which is just appropriate for a couple of apps.Google claims Android App Packages take in 20% less area and, with the capability to archive any app, users can recover approximately 60% more storage. Hence making users less most likely to erase apps. Due to the fact that of storage constraints of clever Televisions, Google has actually made app archiving assistance necessary, unlike mobile phones. Ad App designers will have 6 months to shift their Android television apps to the Android App Package. Google approximates the shift will just take about 3 days. According to the post, Google might conceal the apps “from the TV surface” if they do not shift in the 6-month window.“Over the past few decades, TV has transformed from linear channel surfing to on-demand content with multi-app experiences. Today, over 10,000 apps are available on Android TV OS. Fewer storage results in users having to uninstall apps, hindering their overall TV experience. To help with this problem and others, Android introduced App Bundles in Nov 2020. And now, Google TV and Android TV will require Android App Bundles that are archivable starting in May 2023 to save storage for users,” Josh Wentz, Item Management at Google Television.

More details on Android app packages

Android App Package is Google’s publishing format that consists of all the assembled code and resources of an app while likewise delaying APK generation and finalizing to Google Play. A few of the essential advantages of utilizing App Packages consist of smaller sized download and storage size, as App Packages develop approximately 20% overall size cost savings compared to their comparable APK equivalent by enhancing for each gadget. Because App Packages provide users the capability to archive apps, users can keep more apps on their television regardless of restricted storage. Ad Android App Packages likewise allow simpler shipment and security as a single artefact with all of an app’s code, enabling the Play shop to serve an enhanced app for each gadget setup. For higher security, designers can likewise reset the upload secret if it’s lost or jeopardized.

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