Google Pixel 7a vs Samsung Galaxy A54: The 6 main differences

The Google Pixel 7a is the prospective ‘midrange topper’ of 2023, however has a powerful rival with the Samsung Galaxy A54 Time to compare the smart devices with each other.

Google Pixel 7a vs Samsung Galaxy A54

The Pixel 7a is Google’s newest midranger for 2023. With a rate of 509 euros, it is more pricey than its predecessor at launch, although the phone is better. You might for that reason state that the Pixel 7a deserves its cash, however you can likewise choose the Galaxy A54 fromSamsung
This smart device is Samsung’s essential mid-range design and for that reason a crucial rival for thePixel Both smart devices have plenty to use, however they likewise vary significantly. In this contrast we put the phones versus each other.

1. Design and screen

The Google Pixel 7a looks about the like the Pixel 7 (Pro), although the develop quality is less glamorous due to the plastic utilized. The style stands apart due to the fact that of the electronic camera bar on the back and the 7a looks a bit more angular. It is likewise more compact than the Samsung smart device and somewhat less heavy.
The Samsung Galaxy A54 once again carefully looks like the Galaxy S23 and has a glass back, that makes it feel more pricey. It likewise looks simple due to the 3 cams on the back, which extend loosely from the real estate. Both phones have an IP67 accreditation and are for that reason dust and water resistant.
The Google Pixel 7a
An essential distinction is that the A54 has a bigger screen of 6.4 inches (2340 by 1080 pixels). The revitalize rate is likewise greater at 120Hz. The Pixel 7a is geared up with a more compact 6.1- inch display screen with 90Hz, which might make it less enjoyable to enjoy motion pictures and series. However, the smaller sized screen makes the phone simple to run with one hand.


We likewise see considerable differences in between the Google Pixel 7a and Samsung Galaxy A54 in regards to hardware. The latter has an Exynos 1380 processor from Samsung, which is (thankfully) a lot faster than the chip in in 2015’s A53. But, the Galaxy A54 is sadly not a speed beast.
Google likewise makes its own processors and has actually put a Tensor G2 chip in thePixel 7a This effective processor is likewise in the more pricey Pixel 7 and 7 Pro and beats the Galaxy A54 on large computing power. Although in practice the smart devices both run all your apps and video games with no issues, the ‘motor’ of the Pixel 7a is just a bit quicker– and for that reason more future-proof.
Samsung Galaxy A54The Samsung Galaxy A54.
Both the Samsung A54 and Pixel 7a have 8GB of RAM, so you can keep sufficient apps open at the exact same time. They likewise both have 128GB of storage area, although you can likewise choose the 256GB variation with the Samsung phone. You rationally pay more for that, however with the Pixel you do not have this choice at all.

3. Cameras

The Samsung Galaxy A54 has 3 cams on the back, the Pixel 7a ‘only’ 2. In addition to a 50-megapixel main electronic camera and 12-megapixel wide-angle lens, the Samsung likewise has a 5-megapixel macro electronic camera. This permits you to shoot shots from really close, although they do not look too excellent due to the low resolution.
Google Pixel 7a
The Google Pixel 7a needs to use a 64 megapixel main electronic camera and 13 megapixel wide-angle lens. Slightly more megapixels, however it is primarily the strong software application that makes the Pixel win in the electronic camera location. It is likewise the case that images from the Google phone look more natural (or reasonable). Samsung still tends to turn the colors on, particularly with the wide-angle lens.
Would you like to understand more about the cams of the Samsung A54 and Google Pixel 7a? Check out the composed evaluations through the links listed below. There you can read our substantial electronic camera tests with a great deal of sample images.
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4. Software and Updates

Although the Google Pixel 7a and Samsung Galaxy A54 both work on Android 13, there are certainly considerabledifferences For example, the Pixel work on a bare variation of Android, while Samsung puts its own One UI shell over it. What you like finest is naturally individual, however we choose Google’s variation ofAndroid
Google Pixel 7a
Speaking of Google, the business guarantees to upgrade the Pixel 7a as much as and consisting of Android 16. Security spots will likewise be launched for 5 years. With the Samsung A54 you can likewise rely on 5 years of security updates, however likewise an extra Android variation upgrade (to Android 17). Samsung is doing much better here than Google, the maker of Android, which is rather striking.

5. Battery and charging

The Google Pixel 7a has a 4385 mAh battery and can charge rapidly with an optimum of 18Watts The Samsung Galaxy A54 has a bigger 5000 mAh battery and can likewise charge quicker with 25Watts On paper, the Samsung gadget has an edge, although both phones use outstanding battery life.
They can quickly last an entire day on a complete charge, although we believe that you do not need to put the A54 on the battery charger as rapidly. This naturally depends upon your usage, however with extensive usage you will need to link the Pixel 7a to the power quicker due to its smaller sized battery.
Samsung Galaxy A54
It holds true that the Google smart device can charge wirelessly. That is brand-new compared to the Pixel 6a and a function that is totally missing out on from the Samsung A54. It is likewise essential to understand that you do not get a battery charger with both phones. The boxes just include a USB cable television.

6 The costs

The Google Pixel 7a has actually a recommended list price of 509 euros and is now for sale in theNetherlands The recommended list price of the Samsung Galaxy A54 is 489 euros, although you pay 539 euros for the variation with more storage. However, the Samsung phone has actually been offered for a long time and has actually for that reason fallen in rate.
At the time of composing, you pay about 415 euros for the smart device. If you pick the 256GB variation, you will lose around 450 euros. So you can conserve some cash by picking the Samsung gadget, however it may likewise pay to wait up until the Pixel 7a has actually dropped in rate.

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