Google Play Store One step closer to alternative billing methods

Google said earlier this year that it would enable Android developers to include alternative payment methods in their apps as long as the firm continued to provide Play Store billing as an option. Google has already secretly unveiled the pilot for the system known as “User Choice Billing,” establishing marketplaces and different constraints under which developers may participate.

Google Play Store One step closer to alternative billing methods

At this time, the User Choice Billing experiment is only for apps and will not apply to game creators. It will not be available in the United States at this time; instead, it will be available to Play Store users in the European Economic Area, Australia, India, Japan, and Indonesia. Google has stated that the program would be expanded to other places in the future, although it is unclear when it will be available in the United States.

Originally announced in March as the scheme’s first partner, any app developer with a registered business may now apply to participate if they are in the suitable location. If an alternate billing mechanism is chosen, the service costs paid will be lowered by 4%, making it profitable.

Those developers must adhere to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, offer customer assistance for the alternative charging mechanism they provide, and notify Google when you want to modify app enrollment choices. This includes removing or allowing user choice billing in specific places, so you’d need to notify Google if you intend to expand the system to additional nations.

We have yet to see these choices appear in any applications, but Google seems confident that the plan is still ongoing, and we expect hear more in the near future. The pilot program is the most significant advancement in the initiative since it was first announced in March. This is expected to make its appearance at some point later this year or early 2023.

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