Granblue Fantasy Teases Ninth Anniversary Event, New Content Inbound

The featured image for our Granblue Fantasy Ninth Anniversary event, featuring the main cast of characters walking through an alleyway. They are walking towards the camera, and are all mostly wearing medieval looking combat armour.
Cygames has actually launched a teaser trailer for the new Granblue Fantasy ninth anniversary event, which lasts a simple minute and concentrates on story advancements. A reddit post concerning the trailer has fans hypothesizing the new content that the event will bring.Granblue Fantasy is among the longest running gacha video games. It includes a turn-based battle system, along with the normal summoning system discovered in the majority of gachas. The story follows a little defiant team of Imperials who wish to leave the Empire, however things get made complex when they combine their souls in an effort to conserve themselves from death.

Potential New Content

It hasn’t taken wish for fans of the precious gacha to begin theorising what Cygames will include the upcoming event.One Reddit user, @dimmyfarm, composes “General events give crystals used to roll the gacha, sometimes new summon/weapons which are ehh, characters, skins, story. Also because this is the anniversary one it will probably have a character, new class, good banners, also characters in the event will get a boost from having their level cap raised which you get from using farmable materials.”The user appears to base their theory on previous occasions. If Cygames takes motivation with its current updates and occasions, then this might extremely well be what we see in the new upgrade.

Story Speculation

The Reddit post likewise saw some fans trying to dissect the stills of the trailer, and what they might indicate for the total story.One Reddit user, @kaikalaila, concerns “Will Siete FINALLY get serious?”Another user, @kalltrops, even more hypothesizes with a reaction to the concern “I’ll never take him seriously after he employed 5 Dimensional Galaxy Brain Strategies […]”While the total action to the teaser trailer is rather favorable, not everybody is anticipating the event.One user, @roashiki, composes “For some unknown reason the anniversary event story usually ends up mediocre. Last year was a straight up bait and switch since nothing about the trailer matched the actual story.”The remark is presently sitting at 2 downvotes, making it rather the hot-take.You can download Granblue Fantasy on Google Play now.If you’re trying to find something new to play, have a read of our list forThe Best Android Gacha Games

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