Higan: Eruthyll Has Soft Launched In Select Countries

The featured image for our Higan: Eruthyll out now article, featuring a character from the game looking at the camera, holding one of her devices. Behind her, the block capitals read "SOFT LAUNCH NOW LIVE".
Higan: Eruthyl has soft launched today in select countries. If you remain in Singapore, Canada, or Malaysia, you can download and play the video game today!It’s a brand-new gacha RPG that focuses mainly on technique, including appealing real-time battle mechanics. You play as the Director, taking a stand versus the arrival of Fantasyland.

Play Now In Select Countries

Last week Bilibili revealed that Higan: Eruthyll would soft launch in select countries. Today sees the studio follow through with its words– the video game is now offered to download in Singapore, Canada, and Malaysia.If you aren’t acquainted with a soft launch, then it’s basically a designer stress-testing the video game with smaller sized audiences prior to presenting the video game worldwide. In this case, Bilibili will have the ability to determine what works for Higan: Eruthyll, and what does not, prior to the complete launch.However, this does not stop great deals of excited fans from utilizing VPNs to play the video game in areas where it’s not yet offered.

Fan Reaction

A Redditor shared a post on r/gachagaming about the soft launch. Naturally, a conversation followed in the post’s remark area, and fans are sharing their preliminary ideas.One user, @filthnfury, revealed a favorable response, “Liking it so far. Combat’s great, story’s a bit confusing but I don’t really care about that in a mobile game. Cutscene and animation quality is high.”Another user, @SkyMarshall_Ellie, summarized their impressions in a single sentence, “Damn it’s good so far.”Contrasting these warm responses is @TurbulentYesterday7, who composed “I don’t like the combat system at all. Its like Eversoul which I hated too.”It appears total the video game is being gotten rather well by the gacha neighborhood. However, it’s obviously not for everybody. You can have a look at the continuous discussion in complete by checking out the initial Reddit post.Meanwhile, have a read of what our company believe to be the Best Android Gacha Games today.

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