Higurashi Mei x School Days Collab Shocks Horror Anime Fans

feature image for our higurashi mei school days collab news article, the image features promo art for the higurashi series including 3 of the main characters, as well as a screenshot of 2 of the main characters from school days as they sit on a bench
The Higurashi Mei x School Days collab has actually started! This occasion has actually captured the attention of numerous gacha and anime fans– generally due to the polar opposite styles of both franchises (sort of). We’re not too sure what the occasion requires right now, however from the appearances of it, you can acquire characters from the School Days series! We presume the collab consists of the primary characters such as Katsura Kotonoha, Saionji Sekai, or Itou Makato.

What Can I Do in the Game?

Higurashi Mei has a significant portfolio of collabs over its life time up until now, with series such as Umineko and Senran Kagura! The video game itself includes busy fight, along with a series of gacha banners to pull on. Whether you desire a particular character, or new clothing, you can utilize the in-game currency to attempt your luck! Players of the video game love the soundtrack, with popular voice stars dealing with the job, along with the incredible style sung by the gifted Ayane– who deals with numerous Higurashi jobs! While Higurashi has a visual unique video game, Higurashi Mei generates a totally brand-new kind of gameplay which focuses greatly on RPG aspects.You can find out more about the video game on the official website!

School Days? What’s That?

School Days is an odd one to team up with, however if you’re a passionate anime fan, you most likely understand the plot ofSchool Days Without including spoilers to this post, let’s simply state School Days deviates throughout the series– from funny to pure horror. In short, it’s not a surprise that School Days is next in line for a Higurashi Mei cooperation.

What is Higurashi?

The Higurashi franchise is a widely known horror series among anime fans. The gacha video game initially came out in 2020, with the initial anime airing back in 2007. It’s quickly among the most chilling anime franchises out there. Make sure to bookmark our news page to maintain to date with the most recent gacha news– and the most current updates to Higurashi Mei! Fore more details about the collab, and about the video game itself, have a look at the authorities Twitter page.

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