Honkai: Star Rail Gives Android Users Lower Performance Than iOS

Feature image for our Honkai: Star Rail 120Hz exclusion news. It shows a Honkai: Star Rail environment with a city square and a large crystal structure in the centre.
The much-anticipated Honkai: Star Rail release is quick approaching, however a possible surprise may sour the experience a little for Android and PC players. Stephen Totilo, an author for the Axios computer game newsletter, tweeted on February 21 that the video game will‘exclusively run at 120Hz on iOS’ This implies the video game will limit the greatest performance to those on iPads and iPhones– all the type of gadgets we do not like speaking about on Droid Gamers.This tweet was an addendum after Axios released an article composed by Totilo about designer MiHoYo, Genshin Impact, and Honkai: Star Rail.

Second Prize For Android And PC

The word on the street is Android and PC will wind up locked to 60FPS, which ought to be plenty to play the video game– particularly as it’s a turn-based RPG title. It does not suggest the favoritism does not sting a little, though. Was it something we stated?The designer has actually obviously firmly insisted that “our development team is also working on the optimization on PC and Android devices.” Though, evaluating on previous titles, lots of Android players are sceptical that this will lead to concrete modifications.This isn’t the very first circumstances of MiHoYo revealing some iOS favoritism. Its existing most popular titles, the ARPG Genshin Impact, has a comparable unique 120FPS for iOS gamers. The Android variation of Genshin Impact still does not have controller assistance, over 2 years after the video game’s preliminary release.

Best Not To Wait Up For Android Optimization

With previous choices on MiHoYo’s part in mind, you most likely should not hold your breath about playing Star Rail at 120Hz at any time in the future.Honkai: Star Rail is the current RPG from MiHoYo, and the 4th in the popular Honkai series. It’s an adorable, space-faring RPG that sets you out on an interplanetary train to open the secret of the Stellaron.Are you cool with 60FPS and still buzz for the release? Check out our news piece on the Honkai: Star Rail release date to get the rundown on when you can begin playing.

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