How to find your YouTube Music Year in Review for 2022

youtube music year in review
You Tube Music has start presenting its Recap function, for the 2nd year in a row. It’s a function that rivals like Spotify have actually presented for many years, aroundDecember And now You Tube Music has actually entered into the video game. But how can you find your You Tube Music Recap and its playlists? That’s what we’re here to reveal you how to do. In this short article, we’ll reveal you how you can gain access to your Recap and see how you listened to music in 2022.

What is You Tube Music Recap?

You Tube Music’s wrap-up function is precisely what it seems like. It’s a wrap-up of the music, artists and categories that you listened to over the previous year. Technically, it’s simply January throughNovember Since the wrap-up does come out right at the start ofDecember So undoubtedly, December is not consisted of in the Recap.New in 2022, You Tube Music Recap is offered in the You Tube Music app in addition to the routine You Tube app. You can simply browse for “recap” on You Tube to find it. You Tube Music is likewise presenting some brand-new tailored statistics. These consist of Top Trends, Identity andHard to Find Content Finally, Google is likewise incorporating Google Photos (just in the You Tube Music app). So you’ll see shareable cards highlighting your leading tunes from each season. You can likewise pick to individualize them by including your own images fromGoogle Photos Otherwise, your Recap will reveal you just how much time you invested listening to your most popular artists, categories and playlists. And even produce a playlist of your most listened to tunes for the year. Which is among my preferred functions.

How to find your Year in Review Recap on You Tube Music

In the You Tube Music app. You can find the You Tube Music Recap quite quickly. Here’s how to do it:

    Tap on your profile photo in the upper-right corner.Next, tap on “Your Recap”.

      Or you can browse “2022 Recap”

    From here, you must seeyour 2022 Recap If you see “Nothing to hear here”, then it’s not yet offered for your account.And that’s it. You can have a look at your Recap as lot of times as you ‘d like and even include these playlists to your library.

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