Is Honkai Impact Getting A New Engine?

The featured image for our Honkai Impact new engine article, featuring a plethora of characters from the game gathered in the sky.
On March 4, Bilibili held a developer livestream, teasing and showcasing a range of new material pertaining to the video game. Toward completion of the livestream, the studio played some mystical new gameplay. The brief video included the character Susannah checking out a part of the Honkai Impact map.The video footage didn’t consist of any commentary, and the designer didn’t provide a description for it, either. This has actually lead lots of fans to think that Bilibili is teasing a new engine overhaul pertaining to Honkai Impact in the future. For now, however, that’s simply speculation.

What The Footage Might Be

@MarisaHonkai, shared the separated video footage on YouTube, and speculation has actually emerged in the remarks section.MarisaHonkai has actually composed in the remarks “As mentioned at the beginning of the video, no one really knows what this is. Either it’s an actual engine update, a visual update etc.”One user, @user- rd4qh1zh5u, composes “looks like a test stage”.Another user, @Shikasu_, hypothesized the video footage might be a demonstration for a future console release, composing “console release for Honkai.” As the studio hasn’t advance anything to reject the user’s hopes, it’s something we can’t eliminate.Contrasting previous concepts, @kimleroyunda2636 composes “I dont think its a new engine but could be a RTX option incoming to game probably”.We need to stress that this is all simply speculation, and we motivate that you take these concepts with a pinch of salt.

What Is Honkai Impact 3rd?

Honkai Impact is an extremely popular and effective action gacha RPG for a series of platforms, consisting ofAndroid The video game is heading for it’s seventh anniversary, as miHoYo launched the video game method back in 2016. Many fans think the video game is the spiritual follower to Houkai Gakuen 2, as Honkai Impact continues the stories of the characters from that video game.You can download Honkai Impact 3rd fromGoogle Play If you’re stressed over being 6 years far too late to the video game, then do not fret– the video game provides you 100 totally free pulls to assist you get going!Check out our previous post on Honkai Impact, where we explore the video game’s most current animation.

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