It’s The End Of The Line For Revived Witch

Feature image for our Revived Witch news piece. It shows the main character floating with her hand on a large mirror and looking at her reflection.
Gacha RPG Revived Witch is bailing out and closing its servers on May 7th. This was all verified by a post on the official Twitter the other day. The download websites have actually closed, though existing gamers will have the ability to play up to shutdown day. Those gamers staying will get some additional products weekly throughout the rest of the time they have.

You Can Get Your Money Back

The Revived Witch Team likewise verified that any diamonds acquired can be reimbursed, which is more than Apex Legends Mobile gamers got.With current patterns, this isn’t totally stunning news. Recent Sensor Tower reports have actually revealed the gacha video game relaxing the bottom of the list in regards to income. February’s table, published on Reddit, was especially grim.Its profits dropped one-third in between January and February, from $30,000 to $20,000 in overall, and neither of those figures is truly adequate to keep an entire title afloat.Revived Witch launched at the end of 2021, and did pledge something a little various in the gacha world.

A Cute And Quirky Game That Never Fully Found Its Feet

In the video game, you handled the function of a young witch, who awakens without any memory of her past, and with the assistance of a black feline buddy, you travelled through the world, hiring other witches to assist you resolve the secrets of your past.Unusually, the video game counted on a charming, pixel art design of graphics, and gameplay was the sort of thing you ‘d anticipate to discover in a timeless RPG or RPG Maker title.It was capitivating, however obviously not sustaining. Players applauded the art design and instructions, though numerous mentioned the absence of material and pricey premium purchases as a factor for subsiding interest in the title.An regrettable adverse effects of the increasing pattern of video games as a service is the inevitability that they will vanish one day, and in spite of the fall in income, it appears like Revived Witch is among the fallen video games that some individuals will be unfortunate to see go.Looking for something else to experiment with? Check out our Best Android Gacha Games for something to alleviate your discomfort.

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