Lilith Games Launches An Exclusive AFK Journey Beta Test

The featured image for our AFK Journey beta article, featuring a woman sitting on a chair and beckoning towards the camera.
Lilith Games has actually introduced a beta test for it’s upcoming RPG,AFK Journey The test is specifically on Android, and, regrettably, registration has actually closed.AFK Journey is a 3D method RPG and direct follow up toAFK Arena It sees you when again check out the magical land of Esperia throughout a prolonged campaign.An excellent piece of the gameplay concentrates on missions, puzzles, and most notably, the large world ofEsperia The designer has actually formerly showcased the magical, dream world in trailers, teasing emerald fields, along with bars filled with a varied series of characters.The video game continues to advance it’s strength right through to the battle. In fights, there’s a concentrate on the surface, and you’re motivated to utilize it in mix with traps to your benefit.As mentioned previously, AFK Journey includes a lot of collectible heroes. Play to open faces old and brand-new, from babbling witches, to huge, fluffy beasts! Utilise their supreme capabilities in the tactical fights, and develop your collection to develop the very best group possible.

Your Questions Answered By The Developer

On the official AFK Journey Twitter, the designer held a fan Q&A, exposing more information about the freshly introduced beta.One of the concerns verified that the beta will keep the testers’ information, bring it over into the video game’s ultimate complete release. It likewise mentioned that the beta server is irreversible.The Q&A likewise exposed that you can play throughout PC and Android with your information moving over, and we presume it will rollover into the ultimate iOS releaseMake sure to check out the complete interview, as it consists of more functions and insights, such as simulator compatibility, various video gaming gadgets, and more.

Recommended Requirements Revealed

One of the more particular concerns throughout the Twitter Q&A concentrated on the suggested requirements for the video game. Thankfully, the designer had the ability to provide diverse in-depth specifications that you would require in order to run the video game with a buttery smooth FPS on an Android gadget.The specifications in concern include 6GB RAM, coupled with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855. Alternatively, the designer likewise suggests a Mediatek Dimensity 900, a HiSilicon Kirin 980, or a Samsung Exynos 9810.While you can’t register for the exclusive beta any longer, you can still have a look at AFK Journey onGoogle Play If you’re starving for more AFK Journey material, have a read of our previous short article detailing the video game’s newest trailer.

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