Makima Confirmed for Nikke x Chainsaw Man Collab

feature image for our nikke chainsaw man collab art news article, the image features the art for the collaboration featuring the logo for the game and chainsaw man as well as art of makima and power from the series
Fans more than happy to see more updates on the Nikke x Chainsaw Man collab– even if it’s a leakage. Somehow, a piece of main art for the cooperation is now readily available for all to see. Download Nikke now on Google Play!

What Does the Art Tell Us?

The art itself verifies our speculations from earlier in the week, with Makima and Power being the 2 characters participating in the collab occasion. This implies those that are hoping for Kobeni or Himeno will need to wait up until a rerun, or accept the reality they’ll never ever have the ability to play the nervous devil hunter, or Aki’s buddy.We’re not too sure how this art piece dripped, however from the appearances of it, it was either a main relocation, or somebody got their hands on it early. Additionally, we still do not understand a release date, and while the art verifies the characters, there’s no more info about the Nikke x Chainsaw Man collab at this present time.

What is Nikke?

Nikke is among the more fascinating installations in the gacha category, with the general art design being quite NSFW. This in turn has actually put a great deal of individuals off of the video game, however that does not stop the faithful fan base that currently exists– regardless of the video game being a relatively current release.In our truthful viewpoint, the real gameplay is quite enjoyable, specifically with the sci-fi shooter fight. The story is remarkably great too, permitting you to truly look into the tradition of the video game.For more info about the video game, go to the official website!

What is Chainsaw Man?

Chainsaw Man is a manga/anime series that is widely known among fans. It’s perhaps among the most popular series since late, with the current anime adjustment simply a couple of months back. It’s quite amazing to understand that video games are beginning to team up with Fujimoto, the developer ofChainsaw Man We’re watching out for any brand-new statements relating to the Nikke x Chainsaw Man collab, so ensure to bookmark our news page to keep up to date!For more info about the series, have a look at theofficial website

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