Metroid Dread Android Gameplay Hits 120FPS With Skyline Edge

Feature image for our Metroid Dread Android news piece. It shows Metroid protagonist Samus Aran fighting an alien monster.
Skyline users have actually been reaching blistering framerates recently, and we’re delighted to see it. A current Reddit post has actually shown Metroid Dread Android gameplay performing at a remarkable 120FPS, utilizing the current Skyline Edge construct.The video game appears to run perfectly, with all the textures looking spot-on and even the weapon impacts appearing without a drawback.

You Need A Beast Of A Phone

This excellent efficiency enhancement remained in part to the hardware included. The user’s phone, a RedMagic sevens Pro, becomes part of Nubia’s line of high-powered video gaming phones which offer a genuine punch specs-wise. It likewise has active cooling so you do not fry the gadget when you’re attempting to run requiring video games.It’s not just RedMagic users that are getting some excellent efficiency out of their emulators. Youtuber EZOnThe Eyes shared some gameplay footage of Mario Tennis Aces striking over 100FPS, utilizing a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Mario Tennis Aces Has A Few Issues

The experience isn’t without issues at the minute, however. A lighting bug regularly swallowed up the court in a blinding radiance that most likely made playing an entire match a bit hard, and the frame rate might modify quickly.The current efficiency enhancements have actually been an outcome of current updates to Skyline Edge, so we must see these problems looked after in the future.Skyline is an open-source Nintendo Switch emulator for ARMv8 Android gadgets. The complete variation of Skyline is offered to download totally free by means of the group’s site or GitHub. However, the emulator accountable for a great deal of the excellent video today is Skyline’s early-build brother or sister Skyline Edge.Edge is just offered to customers on the Skyline Team’s Patreon, though we can anticipate the functions presented on Edge to drip down to the totally free integrate in time, everything depends upon how desperate you are to get on that Metroid Dread Android goodness.Did all the discuss video gaming phones get you curious? Check out our piece on the upcoming RedMagic 8.

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