Neopunk Is The Best New RPG You’ve Never Heard Of

Feature image for our Neopunk news piece. It shows an in-game screen with a conversation taking place between some character sprites and a character at the store, with the sotehold character's portrait, a woman with maroon hair and goggles, saying 'See you around Stay safe.'
Top- down cyberpunk RPG Neopunk has actually dropped onto Google Play, and while it’s definitely not striking the shop with the marketing influence of a huge studio release, it may be something to get delighted about.Neopunk is a premium video game without any strings connected. No advertisements, no always-online limitations, no in-app purchases, and a simple price that will not leave you expense.

A Cyborg Merc And A Murky Cybercity

You play an agender mercenary who transfers to the intense lights and rotten criminal underworld of cyberpunk metropolitan area,Kaanalos City Not long after doing so, they enjoy the deep end of the location’s criminal aspect, hired to assist fix a murder.As these things typically do, occasions go far much deeper than they appear on the surface area. The lead character spirals into a significant conspiracy and should take on the extremely effective and dubious Baxter Corp, defacto runners of the whole city.While resolving the case and examining conspiracies will keep you inhabited if that’s what you desire, that’s not all you can do inKaanalos City The video game’s created with gamer liberty in mind, so there’s plenty to do.

Drug Dealers And Delivering Pizza

You can check out and connect with the vibrant residents, battle mutants and hostile robotics, or provide pizza as a sideline … even cyberpunk mercenaries often require to enter the gig economy.If the unique tiled appearance and big-headed sprites are anything to pass, Neopunk seems a production of the precious RPG Maker engine, a favorite of the tiniest of little RPG designers due to its ease of usage.We constantly enjoy coming across indie gems on the platform, and Neopunk absolutely falls under the classification. Don’ t let the older visual put you off, the video game brings a lot to the table.Want some more fresh titles? Check out out best new Android video games today.

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