Nikke Patch Notes Announce Game-Changing Updates

feature image for our nikke patch notes news piece, the image features promo art of some characters from the game
The newest Nikke patch notes are here! While we got a glance of upcoming material in the New Year’s Greeting video, a designer, Yoo Hyung-Seok, has actually personally drawn up a comprehensive post about a current patch. The bulk of the message concentrates on repairs and future strategies– though there isn’t much in regards to strong statements.For more info about the video game, go to theofficial website You can download the video game from Google Play now!

Union Raids

The very first thing that Yoo Hyung-Seok points out is the advancement of theUnion Raids He specifies that the general advancement of the function is finished, however it still requires some fine-tuning prior to its release. All we understand up until now is that the Union Raid is a seasonal video game mode that concentrates on employer battles– which each season lasts 7 days in overall. The existing strategy is to launch Union Raid on January 27, 2023. The designer likewise points out that there are benefits for this video game mode, in addition to the newUnion Shop

Co- op Battles

Co- op fights now have a ranking system in location. Yoo Hyung-Seok specifies that co-op fights are an exceptionally popular part of Nikke, which they wish to maintain this design of gameplay for the gamers who like particular character techniques. However, he comprehends that not all gamers will wish to participate in competitive fights, so it’s an optional video game mode!

Outpost Defense Levels

Yoo Hyung-Seo likewise points out strategies to raise the Outpost Defense Levels, however the group is not too sure how to approach this at the minute. There’s absolutely nothing else in regards to Outpost Defense Levels, however we’ll watch on brand-new updates.

Horizontal Screen Orientation

One of the most fundamental parts of these patch notes is the reality that the group is executing a horizontal screen alternative. This is a quite vibrant relocation, specifically because the video game has actually constantly remained in picture because its release. It’s not unexpected though, as lots of gacha video games do depend on a horizontal orientation.

Further Updates

Additionally, Yoo Hyung-Seok shares some more info on the brand-new character, Viper, who introduced today. They likewise have a new result called“Vamp” He then rounds off the Nikke patch notes by including a fast little upgrade about balance modifications. From the appearances of it, the advancement group strategy to change low-usage characters, to guarantee their use in the future. In concerns to that piece of info, it’s unclear regarding which characters they indicate at the minute, however we’ll report on that when we can!For more Nikke material, why not learn why their newest ad triggered outrage amonst fans?

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