NOVA Legacy Has Mysteriously Vanished From Google Play

The featured image for our article covering Nova Legacy being removed from Google Play. The image features a character in battle-armour walking towards the camera, holding a gun. Behind them is fire and a moon.
NOVA Legacy, the video game that assembled all 3 NOVA video games in a cool plan, has vanished from Google Play under unidentified scenarios.NOVA Legacy sees Gameloft restarting the 3 cherished first-person-shooter video games that the studio launched at the end of the 2000s, and early 2010s. The preliminary story starts following Kal Wardin as he protects the Colonial Administration Forces, while Yelena the A.I helps him in his fight versus an alien intrusion.

Missing In Action

A Reddit user, @Fat_Stacks10, observed the lack of the video game on Google Play and reported it in a Reddit post under r/Android Video Gaming.When Gameloft launched NOVA Legacy in 2017, we hypothesize the studio got rid of the private NOVA video games from Google Play in order to press Legacy’s launch. With Legacy vanishing, Android players now have no chance of reviewing the renowned NOVA franchise.

Why Has NOVA Legacy Disappeared?

With no main word from Gameloft on the video game’s disappearance, we can just turn to speculation and theory regarding why the studio has pulled the video game from Google Play.As we discussed previously, this isn’t the very first time NOVA video games have actually mysteriously vanished. We hypothesize the studio got rid of the private NOVA video games when it launchedNOVA Legacy With this theory in mind, could another follow up remain in the works?While it’s not likely, one can dream.What’s unusual about this entire experience is that NOVA Legacy is still offered on iOS. This, in a manner, de-bunks our theory that Gameloft is establishing a brand-new NOVA video game; if the studio got rid of the video game for Android users, why would not they eliminate it for iOS players too?A more possible theory is that the designer has pulled the video game momentarily for bug repairs, a practice that designers take part in often. However, we will confess that it’s extremely unusual that this has occurred to a video game the studio launched 6 years back.With Gameloft’s lack of a declaration, we should duplicate that this is all speculation, and we motivate you to take it all with a pinch of salt.If you’re now stuck for a video game to play, have a read of our post on theBest New Android Games This Week

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