Pixel owners can keep Wi-Fi on in Airplane Mode

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Google simply launched the brand-new upgrade for its Pixel phones, and they brought some helpful additions. One of the more significant modifications is the capability to keep Wi-Fi on while your Pixel phone is in Airplane mode.In case you do not understand what Airplane mode is, it’s an all-in- one toggle that disables all of the signals on your phone. This shuts off Bluetooth, information, and Wi-Fi If you require to totally detach your phone, Airplane mode is a simple option.However, there might come times when you will require to disable the majority of your signals while keeping Wi-Fi on It ‘d be truly tiresome going and turning off the other signals separately simply to turn them back on when you were completed.

This is why Pixel phones can keep Wi-Fi on when they’re in Airplane mode

According to Droid Life, this newest function came as part of the current couper that simply struck Pixel gadgets. If you turn on Airplane mode after getting the upgrade, you’ll get a notice from the Android system. This will offer you the alternative to leave Wi-Fi on when you trigger Airplane mode.What’s cool is that the system will remember your option. So, if you generally need to turn on Airplane mode however keep Wi-Fi on, you will not need to select the alternative each time.

What else featured this brand-new upgrade?

With this brand-new Android upgrade for Pixel phones, Google included a number of functions for users to take pleasure in. This is the very first QPR for Android 13. For beginners, we have the common variety of bug repairs and stability updates. The Pixel 7 phones themselves overcame 70 repairs with this brand-new upgrade. There are likewise 44 security problems repaired. But, let’s come down into the user-facing functions, this QPR lets individuals get rid of the media gamer from the lock screen. If you go to your Settings, go to Sound and Vibration, and tap the Media button, you have the alternative to toggle the media gamer off on the lock screen.The system-wide Pixel search bar has actually made a return. Google chose to eliminate it right prior to the August release, however it’s back in the beta. You can gain access to this merged Pixel search function by either tapping on the Google Search widget on the house screen or utilizing the search bar in the app drawer.When you utilize this function, you’ll do a search on the web and through your phone. For example, if you look for Instagram, you will get basic Google search results page on the app. Also, if you have Instagram set up on your phone, you’ll see a faster way appear in the search results page. Tapping on it will take you right to the app. Some of the Quick Settings got a couple of awesome little animations. When you tap on settings like the flashlight, Bluetooth, Airplane mode, Hotspot, nightlight, dark style, or Bluetooth, you’ll see a little animation play. Some of the animations are a bit more obvious than others.

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