Pre-Registration Is Now Open For The Brotato Android Version, So Get Ready!

Feature image for our news piece on the Brotato Android port. It shows a cartoon potato with two guns surrounded by alien monsters.
The starchy top-down shooter Brotato Android release drops soon, with pre-registration now open. Brotato: Premium is an Android port of the popular shooter that made its name on PC in September 2022.The video game sees you handle the function of the titular Brotato, a sentient potato and the just one of his individuals with the ability to wield 6 weapons at the same time.

A Potato Space Horror, You Don’ t Hear That Every Day

Brotato is on a spaceship, which crashes onto an alien world, and leaves our hero as the only survivor. Unfortunately, all type of nasty alien animals occupy that world, and they’re starving for carbohydrates. If Brotato is to make it through enough time to be saved, he’ll require to slaughter wave after wave of savage beasts with his weapon abilities.In the vein of Vampire Survivors, Brotato is auto-fire by default, though sets itself out a little from the crowds of clones by making this optional. If you wish to by hand direct your weapons, you can do that.

So Many Options

The video game is a rogue-lite, with runs lasting around half an hour and random possibility identifying rather a great deal of your future. There are numerous various weapons and products to blend things up, some more severe than others. There are likewise various character qualities that can make a huge distinction in the success of your run.In addition to all of this, Brotato: Premium features a set of ease of access choices, permitting you to modify the problem precisely to your preference. This may be convenient if you’re not up for a demanding experience.We can anticipate an enjoyable, silly, and rather violent time as a gun-toting bulb in the future.If this all seem like your cup of tea, or more properly, your cup of potato soup, you can pre-register now by means of Google Play.If you want to have a look at something prepared to play now, then have a look at our list on the Best brand-new Android video games today.

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