Project Moon Compensates Fans With Free Rewards For Rough Limbus Company Launch

The featured image for our Limbus Company optimisation article, featuring all twelve Sinners from the game standing together, holding their weapons. They look towards the camera, and the background is black.
Project Moon has actually compensated fans for Limbus Company’s rough launch by handing out 20 more free pulls. The designer has actually likewise nerfed the phase 2-18 after lots of fans grumbled the level was too tough.Limbus Company’s rough launch day was pestered with upkeep concerns and bugs, in addition to bad efficiency on Android gadgets. As mentioned previously, the studio has made an effort to compensate it’s fanbase with free pulls, however is this sufficient to conserve the video game?The PC variation appears to be running fine, however great deals of Android players have actually apparently been having a hard time to accomplish steady framerates in the video game, regardless of having capable specifications.

What Do The Fans Say?

A Reddit post under r/gachagaming going over the video game’s updates has actually generated a continuous discussion in the remarks. A great deal of the talk surrounded the video game’s efficiency on Android gadgets.One user, @auuauuauu, composes “The game still has very shitty optimization on Android devices. The graphics do not justify the minimum requirement of Snapdragon 765. Even with that and setting the graphics to low, I got 12-15 fps max during combat sequences. Literally unplayable.”What’s most worrying is how badly the video game appears to be operating on the users specifications, as the Snapdragon 765 need to can running a side-scrolling RPG, regardless of it being a little older than the existing generation of Snapdragon.Another user, @InvestigatorOne 2932, composes “My phone can run Genshin with stable fps, but dang! Limbus is laggy as hell, they need to optimize more.”It’s fascinating to see that a video game such as Genshin Impact, which is significant for it’s 3D graphics and extensive world, is running smoother on the user’s phone than Limbus Company.We handled to discover an enthusiastic remark in the middle of the sea of grievances. A user, @ElBandiquero5000, optimistically composes “Yeah, that’s pretty much the summary of the launch day: PC good, mobile bad. Just wait a couple of weeks, PM is know to hotfix a lot of things during launch weeks and the upcoming ones, should be fixed in 1-3 weeks at least.”Join the continuous conversation by taking a look at the Reddit post.Meanwhile, have a read of our preliminary Limbus Company release post that goes even more into information about the video game’s launch day crisis.

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