Punishing: Gray Raven Is Coming To PC – Test Dates Revealed

The featured image for our Punishing: Gray Raven PC beta article, featuring three characters from the game. The one in the centre is wearing all white, as she holds her hand out to something behind the camera. The other two characters fall chaotically in the sky.
The popular action RPG Punishing: Gray Raven starts screening for PC, as Kuro Technology validates the test dates. The designer exposes that the test will range from March 1-9.Punishing: Gray Raven is a super-stylised, hectic action RPG. The video game follows the Gray Raven unique forces as they prepare to reclaim Earth from the robotics who have actually annihilated it. The unique forces have actually trained for this for several years, as they take haven onboard theBabylonia Now, you need to take control of your team, and resist versus The Punishing.

Test Dates Revealed

Kuro Technology, the designer behind Punishing: Gray Raven, has actually revealed that the PC beta will introduce in less than 2 weeks. The beta is entitled Ascension, and it ranges from March 1 to March 9. Unfortunately, it appears that registration is closed for this beta.This isn’t the very first beta for the PC customer, however. Punishing: Gray Raven released it’s very first PC closed beta test back in November 2022, with the screening duration beginning on November 24. It appears, with a couple of modifications, Kuro Technology is all set for round 2!Unfortunately, registration for the beta is closed. But do not fret– with the 2nd beta rapidly approaching, it’s just a matter of time prior to a complete PC customer release is upon us!

An Official PC Client

Gacha video games concerning PC is absolutely nothing we have not seen prior to, with 3rd party emulators, such as BlueStacks, making the video game readily available on PC quickly after. This has actually ended up being such an acknowledged procedure that even some gacha video games market the emulations on their sites. An essential example of this is Arknights.Alternatively, a video game designer will approach the PC variation of a video game with an authorities PC customer. A couple of video games have actually begun to do this, and as it ends up being more typical among gacha video games, it appears Punishing: Gray Raven is signing up with the celebration.It’s amazing to see more gachas get an authorities PC customer, as it makes the video game more available to a broader audience. Sure, there’s constantly emulators, however main customers hold the prospective to supply a smoother, more optimised gacha experience.Read about the complete statement on the official Punishing: Gray Raven Facebook page.In the meantime, have a read of what our company believe to beThe Best Android Gacha Games

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