Road rage racer Wreckfest is coming to Android

In about a week and a half, Gamescom will begin, which means that publishers are getting ready to tease out some major releases, or at the very least, some additional platform releases for titles that have already been released. THQ Nordic gave participants a sneak peek at what it planned to show off by streaming a sample of what it had to show off, and one of the items is making racers with destructive inclinations pretty darn happy.

Road rage racer Wreckfest is coming to Android

The Finnish studio Bugbear Entertainment has created Wreckfest, a hybrid game that combines racing and demolition derby. The game is heavily based on the contemporary Nordic tradition of jokamiesluokka, often known as folk racing, which allows a diverse range of participants to compete in rallies using relatively inexpensive equipment.

Additionally, it serves as a spiritual continuation of Bugbear’s FlatOut from the year 2004. And if you really need a Venn diagram to explain this, just picture Gran Turismo crossed with Destruction Derby. The development team is particularly pleased with the soft-body damage mechanics, which significantly impacts the racing performance. You will have access to a sizable selection of vehicles and courses, a selection of different types of competitions, and, yes, it is also multiplayer.

According to THQ Nordic, this smash-and-grab masterpiece, which has already been released for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox, will make its way to Android and iOS at some point during the fall. There is currently no information regarding pricing, nor is there any information regarding whether or not season passes for both seasons 1 and 2 will be available right away. The price of the game is thirty dollars.

In the meantime, there is always a good selection of Android games available for you to choose from and play.

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