Rovio Pulls Angry Birds Classic From Android Because It’s More Popular Than Free-To-Play Version

Feature image for our Angry Birds delisting news. It shows the red bird from the game with an alarmed expression.
The classic video game Angry Birds is leaving Google Play this Thursday, after an entirely unanticipated statement fromRovio Entertainment The designer launched a declaration mentioning ‘impact on our wider games portfolio’ as the factor behind the option.In addition, the App Store version will be getting a rebranding as Red’s First Flight, getting rid of referral to Angry Birds in the title.

Still Around, But Not For Long

The video game, presently noted as Rovio Classics: Angry Birds on Google Play, is a rebuilt version of the really first model of the video game, which is no longer offered to download. It is presently still offered by means of Google Play for $0.99/ ₤ 0.99, however Rovio prepares to delist it on Thursday the 23rd ofFebruary If you have actually bought it in the past, do not fret, you can still play your copy, however newbies to the franchise will need to select from the freemium titles left in the shop.This does raise the concern: why is Angry Birds getting pulled? Rovio has actually been relatively unclear on the topic, however numerous presume a somewhat ominous intention.

A Push Toward Freemium?

An post from The Verge presented the theory that the designer might be intentionally eliminating its one, really fairly priced, premium video game in order to press users into microtransaction-based titles that now comprise the bulk of its portfolio.If it holds true, it’s rather dismaying news for players who just wish to purchase video games and play the material. The freemium design definitely fits in the market, however premium-centric gamers aren’t most likely to take kindly to sensation pushed into them.Angry Birds is among the old classics of mobile video gaming. The physics-based casual video game launched all the method back in 2009 and the cumulative series has actually clocked over 3 billion downloads in its history. There are many video games, motion pictures, and product that derived from the IP in the interim years.Interested in some other video games that are out now? Check out out best brand-new Android video games today function.

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