Samarost Developer Amanita Releases Psychedelic Horror Happy Game On Android

feature image for our happy game mobile release news piece, the image features two screenshots from the game such as the main character sat in bed surrounding by pink bunnies and two jellyfish monsters hovering above a teddy bear
The Happy Game mobile release is here. The game has actually been around because 2021, however just on PC andSwitch Now, we can lastly play it on our mobile phones on the go. It’s currently a quite popular game with a devoted following– specifically with Anamita Design’s participation. For more details about the game, you can download the game on Google Play, or go to the developer’s official website.

Who is Anamita Design?

Amanita Design is the fantastic developer behind video games like the Samarost series, and Chuchel! It’s likewise dealing with a brand name brand-new game at the minute–Phonopolis We’re eager to get our hands on any brand-new Anamita Design material, and we extremely suggest its work.

What is Happy Game?

In Happy Game, you play as a little young boy who falls out cold. He gets up within a frightening headache, complete to the brim with scary animals and noises. Throughout the game, you require to fix head-scratching puzzles as you check out the scary environment of 3 headaches. Suspicious bunnies and strange smiles surround you as you attempt to make your escape. Not just that, however you can likewise listen to the fantastic soundtrack by the Czech freakfolk band, DVA! The screeches accompany you as you attempt to browse through each agonizing headache. We do require to discuss that Amanita advises that those who experience seizures and photosensitive epilepsy need to prevent this game. This is because of the reality it consists of flashing images and lights throughout. As this is a horror game, there’s likewise specific scenes which contain blood and violence, so if you’re squeamish, this might not be the game for you!

Our Final Thoughts

Overall, we’re huge fans of the great art design and ominous vibes. If you expensive an enjoyable little horror game to take pleasure in while you remain in bed, or on the bus to work, provide this one a go! We can’t wait to see what Anamita Design gives the table next. Keep an eye on our news page for more statements about their brand-new game Phonopolis!

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