Samsung Galaxy A54 vs Galaxy S21 FE: The 4 biggest differences

The Samsung Galaxy A54 is a fantastic midranger, however in regards to rate it rubs up versus the more elegant Galaxy S21 FE What are the primary differences in between these mobile phones? And what is the very best option? You read it in this contrast!

(*4 *)Samsung Galaxy A54 vs Galaxy S21 FE

The Samsung Galaxy A54 guarantees to be among the most popular mobile phones of the year once again. It uses exceptional requirements at an affordable rate, although it is more pricey than its predecessor. As an outcome, this phone winds up in the waters of the older, however greater located Samsung Galaxy S21 FE.
You can presently purchase both mobile phones for around 500 euros. They likewise both have a lovely 6.4 inch OLED screen with a refresh rate of 120Hz for smooth images. So what are the differences? We stroll you through them in this Samsung Galaxy A54 vs Galaxy S21 FE contrast.
Samsung Galaxy S21 FE.


The biggest distinction remains in the hardware. The Galaxy A54 operates on an Exynos 1380 chip from Samsung itself. That is a fantastic processor for fundamental jobs such as texting and emailing, however it is less ideal for playing requiring video games. The Galaxy S21 FE includes a much faster Snapdragon 888 chip. We discovered it 2 years back in the flagships of that time and it still holds its own.
The S21 FE has a benefit, particularly if you play video games, although the fundamental design has ‘only’ 6GB of RAM. The Galaxy A54 has 8GB RAM on board as requirement. If you desire 8GB of RAM on the S21 FE, you must choose the more pricey design, which likewise uses 256GB of storage rather of 128GB. This variation will cost you about 6 dollars additional.

2. Cameras

The Samsung Galaxy S21 FE is a ‘stripped down’ flagship. That implies that it has lots of functions that we understand from more pricey mobile phones. For example, it has the very same 12-megapixel primary electronic camera on board as the typicalGalaxy S21 That is a fantastic specimen, which likewise carries out well in the dark. In addition, you get a 12-megapixel wide-angle lens for broader photos and an 8-megapixel telephoto lens to focus 3x optically.
Because the Galaxy A54 is lower in the ranking, it needs to do without a telephoto lens. It does have the very same wide-angle lens as the S21 FE and a 5-megapixel macro electronic camera for close-ups. The restored primary electronic camera shoots images of 50 megapixels. It is most likely not inferior to that of the S21 FE.
In short, you miss out on a telephoto lens with the A54, however you get a macro electronic camera in return. Furthermore, the mobile phones in this location are extremely comparable. This likewise uses to the selfie electronic camera, which has a resolution of 32 megapixels on both mobile phones.

3. Battery and charging

Samsung is not keen on quick charging. A big part of its mobile phones, whether low-cost or pricey, charges at 25Watts This likewise uses to the A54 and S21 FE. The 2nd gadget does have the benefit that you can likewise utilize it to fill battery juice wirelessly. In that case, the speed is 15Watt
In regards to battery life, the Galaxy A54 wins. Not just is the battery bigger at 5000 mAh than the 4500 mAh one in the S21 FE, it likewise has a more cost-effective processor. How huge the distinction is, naturally, depends upon your usage. But if you wish to utilize your phone for as long as possible, it is much better to choose theA54

4 Design

Viewed from the front, the mobile phones look comparable. They are likewise offered in the very same colours: black, green, purple and white. The Galaxy S21 FE does have thinner screen edges, making it a couple of millimeters smaller sized and less broad. At 177 grams, it is likewise rather lighter than the Galaxy A54, which weighs 202 grams.
Samsung Galaxy A54 blackSamsung Galaxy A54
Both gadgets have a plastic back, however the A54 has Samsung’s brand-new design style. That is, the cams come right out of the real estate. They are for that reason not housed in an ‘old-fashioned’ island, as on the Galaxy S21 FE.
Furthermore, the S21 FE uses an IP68 accreditation, where the A54 gets stuck at IP67. What that implies? The Galaxy S21 FE should have the ability to endure for half an hour at a depth of 1.5 meters. The Galaxy A54 likewise lasts thirty minutes under water, however that might not be more than 1 meter deep.
That distinction can end up being essential if you drop your smart device in the swimming pool. However, you do not need to fret about a heavy shower with these phones.

Which one should you purchase?

That’s it, our Samsung Galaxy A54 vs Galaxy S21 FE contrast. The differences are rather clear: the S21 FE is above all a lot quicker, has a somewhat better style and has a telephoto lens that the A54 does not have. If you appreciate these things, the S21 FE is a much better option.
Do you value the longest possible battery life? Then the Galaxy A54 has a benefit. Because this gadget is more recent, you can likewise anticipate software application updates for a year longer. However, you are likewise great with the S21 FE up until a minimum of 2026.
Below you will discover the very best costs at the minute, both for specific gadgets and for memberships.

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