Samsung Looks Set To Announce A Budget 120Hz Android Phone

The featured image for our Samsung 120Hz budget phone article, feautring a collage of different promotional images released by Samsung to market the phone. Top left is a picture of the phone being placed horizontally as it displays a picture of a city. Top right features the triple camera setup on a pink phone. Bottom left is a blue digital image of the phone's processor. Bottom right is graphics reading "120Hz" on a black background.
After debuting its Galaxy A14 5G recently at CES, Samsung has actually currently verified that it’s launching another A series phone. Whilst we do not understand a particular name or date yet, the teased specifications have us hyped.

The Specs

You can have a look at the specifications on the authoritiesannouncement page The budget phone will have a 5G processor, a triple-camera setup, and 8GB RAM. But what’s got us most fascinated about the phone is the guarantee of a silky smooth 120Hz screen.Whilst not created as a devoted video gaming phone, we can currently see the capacity of this effective yet affordable gadget. The phone has all of the elements of a good video gaming phone, with the high-refresh-rate screen being the icing on the cake.The 5G processor, in addition to the numerous quantity of RAM, will have the ability to deal with any video game you toss at it. This, in mix with the 120Hz screen, need to be ideal for FPS video games, particularly competetive ones.In specific, we’re thrilled to standard the competetive FPS Rainbow Six Siege, which is set to launch this year. Most phones typically have refresh rates of 60Hz and 90Hz, implying you’ll have an enormous benefit over your challengers.

Not Just For Gaming

As specified previously, it does not appear like the phone was made particularly for video gaming. The phone will likewise boast a triple cam that has a No Shake Cam function. This permits you to tape blur-free videos on your phone, even when you’re walking around easily.With this function in mind, the phone might be an excellent very first phone for aiming vloggers, or perhaps young filmmakers. With the gadget being apart of the A series, it’s safe to presume a reasonable cost for the phone. This will make content production more available.

But When Is It Coming Out?

As we specified previously, the phone hasn’t got a release date, so it’s all speculation at the minute! Samsung will provide the phone a more comprehensive statement on January 18, so we can anticipate a main release date then.Meanwhile, check out what Razer have actually depended on recently with their brand-new Android hand-held video gaming gadget.

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