Sega Will Announce A New Mobile Game On Friday, Rumoured To Be A Yoko Taro Project

Feature image for our news on the new Sega game. It shows a tower with the Sega logo against a skyline, and the date '2023.2.10' superimposed over the top.
Gaming giant Sega is preparing for a huge statement in the next couple of days, with the publisher set to launch information on a big new mobile game release on February 10. The display will happen at 20:00 JST on the SEGA Youtube channel.

The Hype Is Real

Sega is shooting up the buzz maker huge design, with a teaser trailer that exposes absolutely nothing, however makes its lofty aspirations for the new title quite clear.The teaser does not keep back on the phenomenon. It reveals a phone corrupting and ending up being covered in Sega logo designs, prior to this starts to spread out worldwide. The horizons of Tokyo, New York, Paris, and Taipei turn blue with Sega logo designs.It’s an interesting and somewhat threatening trailer, though of all business we ‘d believed would take control of the world, Sega would most likely be lower on the list.The teaser approves phenomenon, however light on information, nevertheless, some game sleuths believe they have actually split the secret currently.

A Yoko Taro Project?

According to a report from Gematsu, Sega has actually currently unintentionally offered the game away– actually. In their report, the Japan- focused video gaming news website declares that an unexpected release of marketing product has actually exposed more about the project than meant.Gematsu suggests that the title is 404 GAME RE: SET. A Twitter account does exist by that name with safeguarded tweets.More excitingly, if real, it’s reported to be a game from the mind of Yoko Taro, the eccentric, mask-wearing genius behind the NieR and Drakengard series.Anyone who has actually invested long video gaming will understand Taro for having video games that do not fit into the standard mold in regards to story and environment. They’re strange, unique, and the stories have more weaves than a NieR: Automata objective path.If this obvious leakage is precise, then this is a lot to be thrilled about. We can’t think of anything from the mind of Yoko Taro coming out generic or dull.All referrals to the product Gematsu mentioned has actually gone, so we can’t validate any of the info in the post. You’ll need to wait till the stream drops to see if the information substantiates. We’ll absolutely exist to get the most recent as it takes place!Looking for something to play while you wait till Friday? Check out our finest new Android video games today to tide you over.

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