Square Enix to Announce New Dragon Quest Mobile Game Next Week

feature image for our new dragon quest mobile game news piece, the image features official art of dragon quest characters as well as the promo image for the new dragon quest game live stream announcement
There’s a new Dragon Quest mobile game on the horizon– amazing! Make sure you tune in to the main live stream on January 18 to learn more. At the minute, we do not precisely understand what the game requires, or what it even is. If you prepare to see the live stream, go to Square Enix’s authorities Youtube page!

What is the new Dragon Quest mobile Game?

The secret behind the new Dragon Quest mobile game has actually even led to an online JP Twitter project. Users are attempting their finest to identify what sort of RPG it is. As there’s no other details, lots of Dragon Quest fans are hoping that it will be a common RPG, rather of a random cluster of various components. It appears like it’s a gacha game, which isn’t unexpected considering it’s a mobile entry.Luckily, the game is on iOS and Android, so every mobile user will be able to play it– as long as your phone is up to date. We’ll watch on any updates for this game, without any new statements up until January 18.

What Will the Live Stream Include?

Apparently, the live stream consists of a sneak peek of gameplay, which suggests we’ll get a much better concept of what to anticipate from the new Dragon Quest mobile game. We anticipate there to be additional statements within the live stream too, so make certain to watch on our news page for updates!You can likewise follow the authorities Twitter page which has actually been established to commemorate the new game. You’ll observe the account itself is likewise quite strange since today, with an incredibly unclear profile image and banner. We anticipate these components to modification as quickly as the real game is revealed next Wednesday.Don’ t desire to await the next Dragon Quest mobile game? Download the initial Dragon Quest on Google Play now!

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