Stylish Elves Await in the One Thousand Year Elf Beta – Starting this Month!

feature image for our one thousand year elf beta news piece, the image features anime promo art for the game of a blue haired elf girl as she sits on some grass with purple flowers, and a piece of art of a variety of characters from the game as they face different directions with a floating cube in the background
There’s a new gacha RPG in town. One Thousand Year Elf is the newest dream gacha by Bilibili, and it appears to have actually captured the attention of rather a big audience. The One Thousand Year Elf beta test begins on March 8, and ruins till March 17, offering you lots of time to check out the video game for yourself.

How to Join the One Thousand Year Elf Beta

If you wish to get involved in this open beta test, you require an Android gadget. Sadly, there does not appear to be any info on an iOS release yet for the beta test, however we’ll watch out for brand-new statements! You can even pre-download the One Thousand Year Elf beta early on March 7, so you dig right into the action when March 8 rolls around.

What Can We Do in the Game?

We do not understand much about this video game at the minute, as it’s still quite early in production– thus the open beta duration! One Thousand Year Elf appears to concentrate on a greatly affected dream setting with a range of characters to gather. Despite the elven name, the lineup consists of a variety of character styles with animal ears and those that seem human– though there are elves to gather too! As with lots of other gacha video games, each character has their own distinct capabilities with fancy animations as they participate in battle, as seen in this gameplaypreview video The video likewise showcases a brief clip of what seems mini-games within the gacha itself, such as racing and tending to a farm.A cool little function that we detected from the gameplay video is the accessory system. From the looks of it, we can gear up characters with a range of cosmetics, offering us an additional layer of modification. We’re rather thrilled about this video game here at Droid Gamers, as the general design and setting of the video game definitely match our individual tastes..

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