Tactical RPG Valiant Force 2 Launches In South East Asia Tomorrow

Feature image for our Valiant Force 2 release date news piece. It shows several characters with weapons stood against a read sky, on a battlefield, edges lines with towers and swords driven into the ground.
The long-awaited follow up to Valiant Force will open its servers in the South East Asia area, with the Valiant Force 2 release date set for tomorrow, February 16th.

More Trouble In Arathos

The brand-new title brings the gamer back to the Kingdom Of Arathos, and there are entire brand-new issues to handle. The Crystal of Arathos has actually vanished, and its guardian Leon Duracan has actually stopped working in his responsibility.Enter the lead character, optimistic knight Elise Arkwright and her friends Maeve andFelix Elise is out to play the brave knight and conserve theKingdom Things aren’t rather that easy though. The young knight will discover that matters in Arathos are a lot more intricate than she believed.Like its predecessor, Valiant Force 2 is a tactical RPG, in the genuine sense of the word. If you have actually played the Final Fantasy Tactics, Disgaea, or Fire Emblem series, you need to have an affordable concept of how battle decreases.You direct your characters around a field in a grid format, and they can move or assault within a set radius of squares on the grid. It’s as much as you to attempt and make the very best usage of your soldiers to handle the opposing force.

A Big Name Involved

It’s not just the gameplay that has something similar to Final Fantasy Tactics either. The soundtrack is made up by Hitoshi Sakimoto, who scored both Final Fantasy Tactics and Final Fantasy XII.Pre- registration is offered by means of theofficial website Pre- download is not online at the time of composing, though the designers have actually validated that they are dealing with getting a pre-download all set, so it deserves watching on the Google Play listing if you wish to move in prior to the rush begins.There’s no word since yet about dates for a worldwide release, however we do not question that there’s one in the works.If you desire something to tide you over while you wait down the Valiant Force 2 release date countdown, have a look at our news on the Tower Of God: Great Journey release today!

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