The 4 Best Android Apps & Games of the Week (#11 2023)

Do you choose not to put a fork in your toaster or do you like to stream the best music? Then take a look at this edition of the best Android apps and games of the week.

1. Google Keep Notes

Do you have an Android smart device? Then there is a great chance that the Google Keep Notes app is currently on your smart device. With the app you do precisely what you anticipate. You keep notes, make a list or make use of an image.

With Google Keep’s brand-new widgets, you can likewise do these things from your house screen. This method, you can quickly scroll through your notes and mark off a list without opening the app. A basic and useful widget if you ask us.

2. Dumb Ways to Die

You might have currently heard him go by: the tune ‘Dumb Ways to Die’ by Tangerine Kitty is going viral on social networks. Users do enormously silly things with this tune in the background, however did you understand that the tune was made to promote train security?
The tune ended up being the title tune of the app of the exact same name, in which you attempt to avoid your character from passing away unhappily. Dodge a bear, do not leap in front of the train and do not touch the huge red button. All this in a funny method, however with a crucial message.

3. Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

Are you a Harry Potter fan and do you like to video game? Then the brand-new video game Hogwarts Legacy has actually most likely not left your notification. Unfortunately, to play that video game you require a console or PC. Don’ t you have that, however do you dream of entering into the skin of a wizard? Then you can do that from your smart device!
hogwarts mystery
With Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery you find whatever Hogwarts needs to use. Learn spells, play Quidditch and tailor your character. Dive into the world of Harry Potter right from your smart device.


You are most likely acquainted with the Spotify app. You stream your preferred music, podcasts and programs on your smart device, download them for offline listening and find brand-new categories and playlists. And for the latter– finding brand-new music– brand-new functions have actually now been contributed to the app.
spotify feed updates
Through a kind TikTokfeeds you get an individualized deal of music. Scroll through it up until you discover the category you remain in the state of mind for. Podcasts likewise reveal sneak peeks. If you discover the piece intriguing, you can continue listening at the touch of a button.

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