The Reverse: 1999 Launch Date Has Been Revealed – But Only in China

feature image for our reverse: 1999 launch news, the image features promo art for the game of two anime characters walking in the rain with the cityscape behind them, one character is holding an umbrella over the other characters head as they hold a suitcase
The Reverse: 1999 launch appears to be a staggered one. It might have flown under the radar for some, but numerous gacha fans are patiently waiting on the worldwide release of the video game. Reverse: 1999 is set to launch in China on May 31st, without any indication of a prospective worldwide release date right now.For more details on the video game, check out theofficial website So far, we understand that it will launch on iOS and Android gadgets.

English Voice Acting … But Where’s the Global Release?

The most significant idea that the video game will launch in English speaking areas is that the whole video game has been equated intoEnglish However, we still require to take the reality that other translations will require to be produced into account.A brand-new PV trailer likewise dropped in the middle of the Reverse: 1999 launch news. It appears like a quite eccentric video game, with a talking apple, elegant art, and a strange story.

What is Reverse: 1999?

If you’re not familiar with the video game totally, you can sign up with the club. It’s all a little bit of a secret at the minute, as it appears to include a mix of contemporary and historic components– it definitely sets the scene of an intriguing facility. Combat- sensible, it’s a turn-based RPG with fancy animations as you fight it out in a range of environments. It currently has its own subreddit regardless of the reality that it’s only had beta testsin China It’s definitely an awaited video game for those that are interested in the gacha category. In reality, there’s a convenient gameplay trailer that’ll include down listed below to satisfy your interests!

What Makes Reverse: 1999 Different?

Over the years, we have actually seen a great deal of gacha video games that look like clones of each other. But, Reverse: 1999 seems rather various from the rest. We’re rather delighted to get our hands on it ourselves, so we’re expecting a worldwide release later on this year. If you’re searching for something brand-new to play while you await the launch, have a look at our Best Android Gacha Games guide!

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