Tower Of God: Great Journey Release Date and Pre-Registration Rewards Revealed

The featured image for our Tower of God Great Journey article, featuring the main character from the game screaming at the camera, pointing their sword towards the ground. Behind them is a blonde woman smiling towards the camera.
Ngel Games has actually revealed the main release date for the Tower of God Idle RPG adjustment,Great Journey The designer reports that the video game will release on February 14. Along with the statement, the designer teases pre-registration giveaways that are now up for grabs.Tower Of God: Great Journey is an Idle RPG adjustment of the popular webtoon,Tower Of God Ngel Games is the studio behind the approaching video game, bringing the cherished program to life in gacha format. Build a group of your preferred returning characters, and clear the objectives based upon the manga’s story.

Valentine’s Day Gifts

As mentioned previously, there’s some rewards that you can redeem at launch if you pre-register for the video game now. The particular rewards themselves include 50,000 gold and 10 Tower’s summon tickets.Among these pre-registration presents is the epic-rated character,Endorsi Jahad In a marketing image for the video game, it appears that the character has actually been ripped directly from the pages of the source product. She appears in chapter 13 of the very first Tower of God volume, and has a routine function in the series. If Endorsi is among your preferred characters, then this is your indication to pre-register!You can do so on Google Play.

Trailer Out Now

If you weren’t mindful, the Tower Of God: Great Journey trailer came out on January 2. The trailer teases the upcoming project, in addition to showing a few of the Idle gameplay.A stand-out for the trailer, nevertheless, was the brand-new technique to the cinematic animations. One fan, @BM0NNZY, talked about the trailer on You Tube, applauding the visual of the video game.Why does this appearance a lot better than the anime … what an embarassment the anime could not be animated like this. Great trailer though!The trailer is offered to view on YouTube now.Meanwhile, if you’re searching for a brand-new gacha to play, have a look at our post on theBest Android Gacha Games

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