Vikingard Yule Midwinter Event Kicks Off

Feature image for our Vikingard winter event news. It features one of Thor's goats, stood in front of a sleigh full of gifts, with a lightning bolt striking in the background.
Vikingard Yule has actually begun and runs tillJanuary The in-game event provides you a possibility to acquire some unique joyful goodies, with a little assistance from some magic goats.
The event provides a possibility to get some unique products, outfits, and animals by participating in its story.

Gifts And Goats

The Norse celebration of Yule has actually concerned the settlement of the Fharun Tribe, which ought to most likely be a cause for event. Unfortunately, something’s not rather ideal. There threaten things in the forest, and the Yule Father appears to have actually vanished..
Luckily, some wonderful sled-pulling animals enjoy to assist. We’re not discussing anything as played out as reindeer though. Instead, thunder god Thor’s goats, Tanngrisnir and Tanngnjostr will be pitching in to assist you gather accessories for the Yule tree and take on forest nasties..
The event marks the video game’s reaching completion of its very first year, and designers NetEase seem eager to end on a high note.

Dark Ages, But Casual

For the unaware, Vikingard is a casual RPG, embeded in a somewhat more fantastical variation ofDark Age Scandinavia
You get dropped into the shoes of a budding chief of the Fharun Tribe, trying to broaden their impact throughout Europe in a duration of strife.
The gameplay lets you do practically anything you ‘d anticipate an excellent Viking to do. Farming, battling, raiding, and broadening your area.
You’ll require to keep a hand on how your lands are doing, however you’ll be venturing out plenty, too..
You can discover an appropriate partner, raise a successor, and even get a family pet. We’re not specific the koala is traditionally precise, however we’re not here for genuine reenactment. We’re here for thunder goats.
There’s a bit more information to have a look at through theirofficial website
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